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How to Curate the Perfect Fall Playlist

How to Curate the Perfect Fall Playlist

During fall, it is essential to have a good music playlist on deck. Whether it is for jamming in the car, background noise at home, or to put in your AirPods as you walk to class, you need one. I have been making playlists for the past seven years or so, and have picked up on a few tips and tricks along the way. Here is how to curate the best playlist this fall to ensure immaculate vibes for this season of life.

Set Your Vibe

The first step to curating the perfect playlist is to set your intention. The playlist should reflect both how you are feeling this fall and how you aim to feel this fall. For example, you are going through a breakup and need some Lana Del Rey, the goal is by the end of it you will be jamming to Lizzo, so make sure to include both. I strongly believe that music plays an extremely powerful role in any healing process. 

What Feels Fall

Next you are going to want to really think about what feels like fall to you. Is it walking around campus in between classes? Long car drives admiring the changing of the leaves? Pumpkin Spice lattes from Starbucks? Cheering on the football team and repping your colors? What kinds of things do you see in the fall? Think about what you smell in the fall, taste in the fall, and overall feel in the fall. As it starts to get cold the things you being to touch become warmer and cozier. It is important to be in tune with your senses. And above all be in tune with what fall sounds like to you. 

Never Forget About Tswift

Is it just me or does Taylor Swift automatically make you think of fall time too? What is a fall playlist without a little Swifty action? Taylor has something to offer for everyone this fall whether you are in a loving relationship, single af, heart broken, or in the midst of the craziest situationship of all time. Taylor Swift will speak to you. A lot of her music has autumn references and many of her storylines are based around this time of year. Especially the All Too Well 10 minuet version, a personal favorite of mine. The Red album overall, Taylors Version of course, just screams autumn. Her overall aesthetic is very much fall. And plus she just came out with her new album Midnights!

Experience New Things

You are the main character this fall so get out there and make a good plot line! Get inspired by music and add those inspiring songs to your playlist. for me, I find that the perfect playlist is full of songs that I can relate to my own life, present day moods, and similar experiences. Making memories is always a good idea, and a lot of times you will find specific songs or artists that remind you of those memories. Every one of my playlists are filled with songs in all different genres that reflect where I was at that point in life. I have a playlist for that time I was in love, one for that time I got my heart broken, one for when I graduated high school, one from around quarantine time, and more! As different and random that they all are what they have in common is that they are songs that will always take me back to those points in life. Organized chaos in the best way possible. 

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Organized Chaos

Going back to the idea of organized chaos, do not be afraid to make this your playlist aesthetic. I find it better when my playlists are again organized in terms of phases of life, or seasons of life, rather than moods or music genres. For some this may seem messy and chaotic, but just hear me out and try it out. For example, right now I have a playlist called Season of the Witch that consists of everything from Vista Kicks, Stevie Nicks, Taylor Swift, and more. The playlist has an overall aesthetic of songs that I have been hearing lately, concerts that I recently attended, and just a combination of what sounds like fall time to me. Organized chaos! Do not be scared of it!

Name it

Once you have a good start to your songs for the epic fall playlist, it is important to give it a great name. Do not be boring with something boring like “Fall vibes” or “Sweater Weather” no. Give it a fun unique name that is relevant with your life, because the whole point of the playlist is to reflect your 2022 fall. And no, Fall 22, is not a good enough name either! Mine for example again is Season of the Witch. It came from a Lana Del Rey song that was made specifically for the season of Coven in American Horror Story. I instantly became obsessed and had to name the playlist after it. A great name is important and will set the tone for the playlist.

Picture Perfect

Last step into curating the perfect fall playlist is to picking out the perfect visual to go as the cover of the playlist. Although a cover photo may not seem essential, it is for making the perfect playlist and spicing it up! If you do not add a cover photo what you see for the playlist is song covers form the first 4 songs on the playlist. But if you do add a cover photo, you see that as the visual representation for the playlist. not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it will also initially show your friends and followers what to expect when clicking on your playlist. You can find images from your camera roll if that is fitting, or find dope ones on Pinterest or Instagram. Another underrated spot to find cool images is VSCO. I know that’s so 2017, but love that app and it happens to be filled with a wide variety of really cool photos!

Miliana Adams

I am a 22 year old student at Depaul University living in the heart of Chicago

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