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How To Create A Relaxing Spa Day At Home

Dying for some relaxation but don’t have the time or money to spend on a trip to the spa? I feel you. Luckily, there are some ways that we can re-create that spa day feel at home! Granted, it may not be as nice as someone giving you a massage or putting hot rocks on your back, but hey, we’ll take what we can get, right? Try these ideas for transforming your ordinary day at home into a unique spa experience filled with comfort and relaxation. You deserve it!

1. Infused Water

I know, this one seems a little confusing to start off with. But for me, when I think of a relaxing trip to the spa, it always starts with some delicious cucumber and mint infused water! It’s so good and a great way to start winding down and calming your self for a great day of comfort and unwinding. 

Some of my favorite spa experiences have started off with being given a cup of this cool and delicious water to sip while I wait for my appointment, and I think that it would be just as nice to start off with at home. If you’ve got a favorite flavor of infused water, go ahead and pour yourself a cup! If not, I highly recommend the cucumber mint combo. It’s so refreshing! Sip it while you get everything ready for your perfect spa day at home!

2. Wear Comfy Clothes

If you’ve got a super-soft pair of pj’s or a favorite plush robe, break them out! A spa day at home calls for some seriously comfortable attire. I like to wear my ridiculous looking (but super comfy!) slippers around my apartment when I’m trying to relax or be comfortable. Whatever makes you comfortable and relaxed, go for it! 

Being in comfortable clothing while you get things ready for and move throughout your spa day can be really nice. You don’t have to feel pressure to dress up for anything or anyone, it’s your day to be comfortable! Swaddle yourself up like a cloud and get to relaxing!

3. Light Some Candles/Set The Mood

When I say “set the mood”, I mean the mood for relaxation, of course. Lighting can have a big impact on how we feel and how well we can relax. If the lighting is too harsh it can keep us active and too distracted to try relaxing properly. Candles and twinkle lights are perfect alternatives to lighting that can help get you in the mood to relax and wind down. 

With the right lighting, you can start your spa day off right! If you’re creating your spa experience during the day, having natural light in the room can be a nice way to relax. The sun that shines through your windows can feel good on your skin! But don’t be afraid to light some candles during the day. The little flame in itself can be relaxing, and candles activate two senses at once, our visual and olfactory senses. Enjoy!

4. Take A Shower Or Bath

It may seem like you can’t have a proper spa day at home if you don’t have a bathtub. That’s not true! A shower can be just as relaxing as taking a bath, and it’s certainly more relaxing than doing nothing. Taking a shower or bath during your spa day is like spa day 101. It’s just what you do! They’re both great ways to wind down, get in touch with your body, and to pamper yourself a bit. 

Try using a bath bomb, some bath salts, bath milk, essential oils, or a bubble bath if you’ve got a bathtub. If you’ve got a shower, there are still options! You can use some delicious smelling shower gels, essential oils, body wash, or hair masks! Also, if you’re willing to shop around, they make little deposits similar to bath bombs, but for the shower! You stick it on the wall or floor and let the steam release the amazing smells. However you’re getting wet, take your time to enjoy it!

5. Enjoy A Foot Soak

This one is really fun. If you have a large tub container or a bathtub, try filling it with warm water and creating a pleasant foot soak! This is one of my favorite things about going to a spa. There’s just something so relaxing about soaking your feet in warm water. Our feet do a lot to carry us throughout our days, it’s good to take care of them every once in a while!

If you can’t find anything big enough to fill and use as a foot soak, try soaking a washcloth or hand towel in warm water, wringing it out, and placing it over your feet! For added amazingness, give yourself a foot rub through the warm cloth! Feel free to add essential oils or any salts to your soak to kick it up a notch. Your feet will thank you!

6. Make Your Own Hot Towel Treatment

A favorite for a lot of people about going to the spa is the famous hot towel treatment. Now, it wouldn’t make sense for a lot of us to have one of those fancy hot towel steamers in our own places. Luckily, we can still achieve the feeling of a wonderful hot towel treatment through other means! 

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If you’ve got a hand towel or small towel that will fit nicely on your face, try running it under some very hot water (be careful not to burn yourself, of course!) and wring it out. Then, once your comfortable, place it over your face and relax until it turns cool again. You can repeat this as many times as you’d like, and I’d encourage you to add some essential oils to the water you soak your towel in for an even more relaxing experience. 

7. Exfoliate/Scrub Your Skin

Taking the time to exfoliate your skin and scrub away all the dead skin cells and build-up is a classic way to get your spa on. It feels really good to polish, buff, and scrub your skin! And it feels extra good to know that you’re cleaning and helping your skin to be as healthy as it can be. 

You can have fun with it by getting creative and making your own DIY scrub, or use your favorite store-brand one. Scrubs and exfoliating isn’t reserved only for your legs, it’s a good idea to exfoliate other areas too! You can scrub your face, arms, back, stomach, you’re whole body! Just be sure to be gentle and don’t overdo it if you’ve got sensitive skin. 

8. Use A Face Mask! 

This may be the most popular way to get into the spa day spirit at home. Face masks are a great way to treat your face while you relax. That’s literally what they’re made for! You can apply one and then get comfortable to wait for the required amount of time before removing it. 

Take a little nap, read a book or magazine, paint your nails, eat a snack, take a selfie in the mask and share it on insta – do whatever you please! It’s your day for relaxing, however that may look to you. Once you’ve used your face mask, it’s a good idea to moisturize your face afterward, as many of them can be drying!

Creating the perfect spa day at home is easy with these helpful ideas! Why go to the spa and spend a lot of money when you can create your own little spa getaway right at home? Relax and unwind with these creative spa ideas! How do you relax at home? Would you try any of these ideas for creating the perfect spa day? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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