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How To Create A Magical Garden Room In Your Backyard

Turn your backyard into the ultimate hangout spot and create a garden room to make all your neighbors jealous! Check out these tips and tricks to help your garden room reach its full potential!

1) A Water Feature

A garden room is tranquil, calming, and full of life and nature. Water features are the perfect accessory to echo this vibe, and bring it up a notch! The sound of running water while you are completely surrounded by greenery and bathed in sunlight is enough to make us go out and design our own garden rooms! You can bring in running water, or go simple and small. Add in a water plant to help tie the feature in with the rest of the room, and add a playful element with some fish! No matter how you decide to incorporate a water feature into your garden room, we know it will certainly be a conversation piece! 

2) Plenty Of Shelves

You can’t have a garden room without plants, of course! And you’re going to need somewhere to put them all! As for any room with the word “garden” in the title, the plants you worked so hard to maintain and collect should be the center of attention! So deck out your garden room with tons of shelves and counter space to cover with plants to really bring it to life. Go for an eclectic feel and bring in shelves of different finishes and different sizes. Spread them out all across your garden room so that everywhere you turn there is a little bit of green! Longer shelves on the floor make for great storage as well, and they’re a great way to take up space. 


3) A Big Sink

While garden rooms look gorgeous and spectacular, they can also be incredibly messy! We are talking about a room full of plants, so keep in mind that there will be mud, and you’ll most likely receive your fair share of bugs. Plants will have to be potted and re-potted, trimmed, and watered daily. You get the picture! Clearly, your garden room would benefit from the addition of a big beautiful sink somewhere in the room. You can wash off all the dirt and the grime from your daily chores, water the plants, and even use it for a quick drink of water for yourself on those unbearably hot summer afternoons. Save yourself the hassle (and the mess) and splurge on a nice big sink to include in your garden room!


4) Plenty Of Seating

We guarantee your garden room will be the spot all your guests like to visit when they come to your house, so make sure you have plenty of seating to accommodate them! It’s up to you what kind of seating you wish to add, and it really all depends on what you want to use your garden room for. Will it be a hangout spot with comfy couches, swings and benches? Or will you turn your garden room into the ultimate outdoor bistro and opt for a long dinner table surrounded by dozens of chairs and plenty of room for parties? Throw some cushions on the floor for a bohemian vibe! Make sure your furniture is durable for all types of weather, since it will be outside throughout the course of the year. Either way, the results will be spectacular and this room will soon become your guest’s (and your own) favorite room in the house. 

5) Add Warmth With Lanterns And Candles

As the day starts to wind down and sunlight begins to diminish, you’ll need a way to keep the party going in your garden room. Candles and lanterns are a great alternative to traditional hanging lights, and they offer up a warm glow that will make you feel like the sun is still setting. While they certainly serve an aesthetic purpose, candles can also be extremely practical. Citronella candles are a great way to keep the bugs away, and in a room where you’re surrounded by plants, you’ll need all the bug repellant you can find! Spread your lanterns and your candles out all across your garden room for an all-over romantic glow that will be sure to set the mood for just about any evening gathering you are planning on having. You could even make a centerpiece on your table with mix-matched lanterns of all different sizes and colors! Just make sure to be mindful of any open flames! 


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6) Use Plenty Of Twinkle Lights

Another great way to shed a little light on your garden room long after the sun has set is with twinkle lights. If you’re going for the magical, surreal fairy-like atmosphere in your garden room, twinkle lights are an adorable way to achieve a whimsical, child-like environment. They also look stunning wrapped around a trellis, or intertwined with your plants. Just make sure you get the bulbs that are suitable for the outdoors, and that the bulbs don’t get too hot! You can even go eco-friendly and look for solar options! Your garden room will require plenty of sun, so your twinkle lights will have no problem soaking up that sunlight the way your plants will!


7) Accessorize

Last but not least, make sure to personalize your garden room! Make it your own with some personal touches. Include pictures of your family, crafts your kids made, anything to make it feel like an extension of your home! Dress it up with some fun pendant lights, bring in a fire pit, scatter plenty of blankets, pillows and baskets. Include little details that express who you are! Maybe leave out a copy of your favorite book, photo albums, or gardening books to give your guests some tips on how they can start their own garden room! The details will be what sets your garden room apart and makes it special, so don’t be shy! Once your garden room feels like home, you’ll never ever want to leave!


Leave a comment and let us know which tip was your favorite on how to create your own garden room!

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