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How to Cope With Your Senior Year Feels

How to Cope With Your Senior Year Feels

As I sit here in bed, the night before I leave for senior year of college, I think to myself: this is my last “first day of school“ ever. To think that next fall I won’t be going back to school, buying school supplies or textbooks or signing up for classes, honestly feels really weird! I’ve probably been going to Staples every September since I was in kindergarten! So for those of you experiencing all the feels as you enter your last year of college, here is my advice.

Take it ALL in.

I know it’s cliche to say, but seriously look around, sit and think about it all. Look how far you made it. You did it! Think about the freshman-year-you compared to the senior-year-you, the mistakes you made, the friends you made, and how much has happened (good or bad). Take it all in.


Go to your school’s events.

Even if that may seem corny to some of you, when are you ever going to show school spirit again! Go to Karaoke Night. Be that person wearing your school colors every week. Go tailgating and support the athletes. If you go to a big school you most likely already do, but for us small school kids, it’s those moments spent with your friends and colleagues where memories will be made that you will look back on forever.



Take lots of pictures.

This goes hand in hand with going to school events. You are going to want to remember your most epic senior year ever! Your friends may live far away, most of them in other states, so you are going to want to remember every football tailgate, every movie night, every bar night out, every little thing! Just take pictures – trust me! The selfie embarrassment will be worth it.



Get involved.

If you were someone who never joined a club, team or an association, but you’re starting to feel like you might regret that…JOIN SOMETHING! You have so many crazy opportunities right in front of you that won’t be available much longer! Volunteer in your community, go on a leadership retreat. If you are feeling really adventurous, join a club you wouldn’t normally pick! You could form lifelong friendships with someone you never would have crossed paths with before! Try. New. Things. Don’t you want to say you at least tried to make an impact in your college campus/community?


Go out once in a while.

You know there is this thing called “a weekend” and people tend to normally relax and enjoy it! Well senior year comes with a lot of work and stress among other things, but sometimes you really need to go out and let loose a little! All work and no play, is not okay! It’s totally acceptable to go out for a night on the town with the girls. This is your last year to have those wild nights out before reality kicks in. Make memories you can tell 20 years down the road!

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Travel. Splurge. Get Out there.

Paulo Coelho said, “One day you’ll wake up and there won’t be anytime to do the things you wanted to do. Do it now.” And he is so right. Take as many trips as you can because those opportunities won’t always be there! Take that spring break trip if you’ve never been on one before! Don’t say that now isn’t a good time, when you’ve said that for the past 20 times. Take life at your own hands because, just like Ferris Bueller said, “ Life moves pretty fast and if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it!”

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Get excited!

You know why? Because you are FINISHED with your education! You survived! You are getting that DIPLOMA and you can finally say YOU DID IT! Take in every moment, cherish every moment, and most importantly spend every moment with people who matter the most to you.



Hats off to you, Class of 2016, because this is our year!


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