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How To Cope With Needed Space In A Relationship

How To Cope With Needed Space In A Relationship

Having space in a relationship can be a really important factor in a successful relationship. Here's how to cope when you need some space.

Les-be-honest. Sometimes you have to loosen the reigns a bit in love. We all know that the tighter you squeeze, the more someone wants to escape your grip. Unless they’re into being a submissive, under pressure pet, your significant other probably needs a little space sometimes. And space in a relationship doesn’t always mean they don’t love you or they want to end it. They could just really be getting too much of ya!

Giving Them What They Want

It’s a ridiculous rule, but if you’re in a relationship with someone and you want it to work, you give them what they want and it makes sense to. It’s your job to make them happy with you, otherwise, why be with you? Don’t confuse making them happy with you for making them content in life. Being content in life can only be gained by the self (a whole other topic). But the reason to be with someone, in a general sense, is because they make you happy to be with them. The common interests you share, the respect you have, how you make them feel as a person are all ways to entertain your partner. And the amount of space in a relationship you give them, is a factor too. So be conscious as to whether you’re giving them the amount of attention or space that they need.

How To Cope With Needed Space In A Relationship

Making Use Of The Time

Coping with needed space in a relationship means space for you too. If you haven’t taken any time for yourself, now’s the time to do it. Mani pedis, extra study time, volunteering at an organization, interning, time with the girls, or just kicking it at home alone feng shui-ing and relaxing, are all things you can do for yourself!

How To Cope With Needed Space In A Relationship

Keeping It Lively

I don’t think it’s helpful to get all mopey over the situation. If you’re giving your partner some room to breath, you don’t want to be gas in their nose when they’re around you. Definitely keep it lively and show the same amount of love and excitement as you normally do. Don’t let the space deflate your relationship.

How To Cope With Needed Space In A Relationship

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Knowing When It’s Really Over

Definitely don’t be delusional. Needing a little space in a relationship is not the same as wanting time apart. When you’re having time apart, you don’t see the person even a little bit and chances are you’re seeing someone else instead or are just not messing with anyone at the moment. Space in a relationship usually means that your S.O. wants more time to themselves or with friends. And we’ve got to learn how to cope with this, because the time we have alone with ourselves is valuable. You learn who you are and what you want out of life; and you also develop a sense of security and confidence in yourself.

The End Of Space

Nothing lasts forever. There may come a time when your partner is ready to spend every minute with you, again. Bask in it and be pleased. It’s always best to make the most and show appreciation for what you have!

How To Cope With Needed Space In A Relationship

Are you giving your S.O. some space in a relationship? This is a good thing that you shouldn’t worry about and can definitely cope with. Let me know in the comments if this advice helped you!
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