How to Cope If You Bombed Your Finals

With finals just around the corner and cramming underway, if you’re anything like me, you’re already thinking about what you are going to do if you completely and utterly bomb. Instead of jumping off a bridge and thinking your life is over, I came up with seven things to help you cope….

1. Cry it out!

It’s okay to give in to defeat. What doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger.


2. Work it out!

Go to the gym, run outside, take a stroll through the park, and turn your anger into a nice body.

3. Shop it out!

Can anyone say retail therapy?! Nothing will make you forget your bad grades faster than a new dress.


4. Sleep it out!

Take a nice long nap. You wont be thinking about finals (or anything, for that matter) when you are dead to the world.


5. Hug it out!

What could makes you feel better more than a nice big hug from mom? If you don’t have a mom around, grab the closest person to you and squeeze them until they push you away.

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6. Dance it out!

Meredith Grey had it right; a 10 second dance party cures everything.

7. Drink it out!

If all else fails, grab a bunch of girlfriends and head downtown.


Good luck on your finals and if you do happen to fail miserably, just remember it’s not the end of the world!

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