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How To Conquer Your Sugar Cravings

How To Conquer Your Sugar Cravings

There are a lot of times I say, “there’s nothing worse than,” and offer up a ridiculous situation that isn’t really thaaaat bad. However, this time, I’m going to tell you about the ultimate, “there’s nothing worse than,” scenario and that my friends, is conquering your sugar cravings. Did you know that trying to get over a sugar craving is sometimes said to be as difficult as cutting a cigarette addiction? Think about it, temptation is literally everywhere. It’s at home in the ‘naughty sweets’ drawer, it’s at your favourite Starbucks enclosed in those shiny glass cases, it’s at work when your co-worker brings in Nutella stuffed donuts. It’s quite literally everywhere and its really, really hard to say no sometimes. The good news is though, when there’s a will, there’s a way and you can absolutely conquer your sweets craving and I’m here to help every step of the way.

Drink Fluids

Keeping your tummy full is key to conquering this sweets craving but you have to be extremely conscious of what fluid you’re ingesting because a lot of drinks are packed with sugar even though they say zero calories. Stay away from juice, pop or flavoured carbonated waters and focus on water with lemon, tea or coffee with zero calorie sweeteners.

How To Conquer Your Sugar Craving


Replace Sugar With Healthy Fat

When you notice a bit of a sugar craving coming in hot, grab yourself a fatty snack to munch on to curve the craving. Believe it or not, healthy fats are much more satisfying and will crush your sugar craving quickly so grab a spoon of almond butter, a cube of cheese or some turkey jerky to fight this battle for you.

How To Conquer Your Sugar Cravings

Do a No Sweets Challenge with a Friend

Everything is better with a friend and this challenge can be so much easier if you partner up with your bestie. Doing a no sweets challenge with your gal pal keeps you both accountable and just when you’re about to cave, you can call her up to talk you out of it!

Join Facebook Support Groups

Joining a Facebook groups might sound a little bit intimidating of an idea but it’s actually quite inspiring when you do begin to use it. Reading other people’s success stories, sharing ideas and asking questions are worth the bit of time it takes you to find a group perfect for you.


Eat Proper Meals for Lunch 

Lunch is a really important meal, in my opinion, maybe the most important. Eating a good lunch full of proper proteins, carbs and good fats will keep you fuller for longer, essentially resulting in less hunger cravings throughout the day.

How To Conquer Your Sugar Cravings

Distract Yourself When the Craving Hits

I know how hard it is to say no, but you can do it by distracting yourself when the cravings start. It’s easier said than done but once you get in the habit of replacing the sweets craving with a simple task, it’ll become second nature and you won’t even think about it anymore. Take a walk, call your mom or browse through Instagram, anything to take your mind off the craving.

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Think About 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Indulge

One thing I do in a lot of scenarios is weigh my options of why or why not and I think in a situation where fighting an craving seems impossible, this exercise works well. More times than not we lose control and our will power gets thrown out the window but allowing ourselves to think about the consequences before we indulge will help make the right choice.

How To Conquer Your Sugar Cravings

Separate Feelings from Hunger

A lot of people are guilty of eating when they feel stressed, sad, bored or even nervous and hey, that’s ok, but differentiating those feelings or emotions from actually being hungry or craving sweets is important. It’s not healthy physically or emotionally to replace our feelings with chocolate cake so do yourself a favour and think about what your feeling before you snack on caramel corn.


It Only Takes Two Week

14 days, that is all it takes to get over a sugar craving. 14 days. It seems like a lot but in the wide spectrum that is our life, 14 days is nothing. You go this.

Let us know how you conquer your sugar cravings!

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