How To Combine Fitness And Body Positivity In Your Daily Life

The combination of fitness with body positivity can make your fitness and health journey not only more fulfilling but will enhance your inclusive understandings of what it means to be physically and emotionally fit. So how can we combine fitness and body positivity into our daily routines so that we feel confident, strong, and fearless? We can do this by changing our perspectives on who fitness is meant for and the fitness industry’s constricting guidelines on what a fitness and health journey should look like. Let’s redefine healthy with some tips to begin implementing body positive thinking into our every day lives: 

1. Positive Affirmations

You may already be using positive affirmations throughout your workouts. Words like “I can do this,” “you are strong,” while pushing through that last stretch during a run or that last two reps at the gym. When we use “I am” statements to strengthen our mind into knowing that we are strong and confident, it will change how we view ourselves from the inside out no matter what stage we are in on our fitness journeys. When you finally reach that goal of running x amount of miles or maxing out on however much weight, you’ll feel fulfilled in many ways besides physical strength.

How To Combine Fitness And Body Positivity In Your Daily Life

2. Physical Health Is Not A Number

We may be tempted to step on the scale as a defining moment of how our days are going to play out. That number you see may control what you eat, how you feel, and the kinds of judgments you may place on yourself. Give yourself the satisfaction of throwing away the scale! As you pursue your fitness goals you’ll notice the strength your body shows as each week progresses. The number does not matter, the number will distract you from what truly does matter: Do you FEEL healthier, happier, stronger?

How To Combine Fitness And Body Positivity In Your Daily Life

3. Everybody’s Body Is Beautiful And Unique

It is easy to spend hours obsessing over that Instagram fitness guru who has the perfect body. We’ve all been there while on our fitness journey. Though in order to realize the beauty within your own body, we have to stop comparing ourselves to another person’s fitness style and body type. Easier said than done, but try to limit your use of Instagram and other social media apps that may register the same feeling of insecurity. Know that your body is strong in its own way and realize the amazing things it does for you every day, like processing food, healing muscles or injuries, and keeping you able to do many other joyful activities.

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How To Combine Fitness And Body Positivity In Your Daily Life

4. Fitness Is Not Exclusionary

Anyone and every one no matter the color of your skin, gender identity, size or shape is worthy of health and fitness. Get real with yourself about why you’re on a fitness journey. In the end, it isn’t going to be about losing weight it will be about how much confidence, strength, total self-acceptance and love you have gifted yourself. So focus on what you want to gain instead of what you wish to lose! Focus on the fact that taking care of yourself through health and fitness is not simply for the toned and skinny or athletic people. It’s for everyone.

How To Combine Fitness And Body Positivity In Your Daily Life

The fitness industry as marketed on our social media apps and within our favorite fitness guru’s accounts shows a singular view of healthy. That is skinny, works out consistently, and has, what appears to be, a perfect life and health journey.  Body positivity would create a more inclusive and open space within all of our fitness journeys. What does body positivity mean to you when it comes to health and fitness? We’d love to hear how you combine the two in your daily routine or what do you see for the future movement of body positivity and fitness?

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