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How To Clean Out Your Closet The Right Way

How To Clean Out Your Closet The Right Way

Closets become messy all too easily. They’re the go-to place to hide things when you need to clean your room fast, right next to pushing everything underneath the bed. 

After cleaning your closet, you’ll not only feel better, you’ll be able to find things you need with much more ease! Say goodbye to always keeping your closet door shut in embarrassment!

This is the right way to clean out your closet! After following these steps, you might find yourself keeping your gorgeous closet open just so company can see and be impressed!


1. Take Everything Out

Step one is to take everything out of your closet. Yes, we really do mean everything! 

While this is a lot of effort and you’ll probably be horrified at the amount of stuff that has accumulated in your closet, you need to unearth everything inside you closet before you make everything better. 

This allows you to have a fresh start and realize that your mess has just become too much! Put everything in a giant pile on your floor or on your bed. Then, we’ll get to sorting through it all. 


2. Sort Into Categories

Now that you have a gargantuan pile of things, you can begin sorting your things into categories. Create piles for clothes, shoes, and other things. For instance, you might store old board games, toys, or your vacuum cleaner in your closet. 

Sorting everything into categories will make it more manageable to put everything back inside your closet because it breaks down the amount of stuff into smaller increments. 


This step is satisfying cause you can already see more organization taking place!

3. Determine What To Keep And Throw Away

Next, you need to go through each item and decide whether or not you want to keep it or throw it away!


Don’t be afraid to part ways with things that just aren’t right anymore. This could be a worn-out pair of shoes that are falling apart or a sweater that is too big for you. You should get rid of things that aren’t functional anymore as well as things that don’t make you happy!

It’s only natural that you’ll grow out of certain things that you own. For gently used items, donate them to a local charity store or second-hand shop! This allows you to free up space and help other people find something of yours that they’ll really enjoy!


4. Choose Locations For Everything

Now that you’ve determined what you’re going to keep and get rid of, you can start choosing where everything is going to go. 

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Some things will be straightforward. For instance, hang your clothes on the clothes poles. You can lay your shoes on the ground or you can put them in a shoe holder that hangs on your door. You could also build ground shelves if you have a lot of shoes. 


Use your shelves for the more miscellaneous items or clothes that don’t need to be hung up. You may even decide to store certain items in a place other than your closet, and that’s okay too!

5. Clothes

There are many ways to store your clothes! We love organizing our clothes in a pleasing way. This can take a few different forms. 


For instance, you could keep your clothes in order of type. This means all dresses hung together, all shirts hung together, etc. 

You could also separate your clothes by color. This is especially pleasing to the eye! The best rule of thumb is not necessarily rainbow order, but from darkest to lightest. 


Are you ready to tackle your closet? Comment down below your best cleaning tips!

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