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How To Clean A Bathroom Like A Pro

How To Clean A Bathroom Like A Pro

How To Clean A Bathroom Like A Pro

Wondering how to clean a bathroom? We’re here to help. 

As fun as it is to move out of home, there are a few drawbacks of living independently, especially when it comes to cleaning. Student homes are notoriously dirty and the one room everyone dreads cleaning the most is the bathroom. So, If your mirrors so smeary you can barely do your makeup or the ceiling is accumulating some black coloured mould, it’s probably time to take action. Here’s who to clean your bathroom like a pro. 

You will need: 

First things first, you can’t clean your bathroom without the right products. Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Bleach
  • Surface cleaner
  • Vinegar or glass cleaner like Windex
  • Cleaning Cloths
  • Abrasive sponge pad
  • Mop, dustpan and brush, duster
  • Toilet brush

Clean up

If you’re not sure how to clean a bathroom then the best way to start is by removing all of the items that shouldn’t be in there. That includes yesterday’s clothes, old books, hairbrushes; basically, anything that shouldn’t be in there, needs to go. Then once the bathroom is tidy you can start cleaning. 

Clean the toilet

Toilets harbour germs so it’s important that you clean them once a week-at least! To clean, start by pouring some bleach or toilet cleaner liquid into the basin and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. In the meantime, you can clean the outside of the toilet using a cloth and disinfectant. It’s best to start with the flush handle and work your way down towards the toilet seat and lid. Once the bleach has had a chance to work, go over the inside of the toilet with a toilet brush and then flush the bleach away. How To Clean A Bathroom Like A Pro

Clean the shower and bath

If you have a bath then it’s really important to clean the basin regular as it collects germs and can lead to a build-up of black mould. The most effective way to clean it is with an abrasive scrub pad and some cleaning liquid. Simply wet the sponge and wipe around the whole basin, washing it off with water from the shower hose when you are done. You can also do the same with the taps, finishing off by polishing it up with some vinegar to make them shiny. 

For the shower, start by spraying some cleaning products on the walls and the shower head, letting it rest for a few minutes before cleaning off with a wet cloth. If you have any particularly tough areas to clean or if there are any areas that are starting to build up with mould, try using an abrasive scrub pad. You can also go over the shower head and glass screen, if you have one, with vinegar or a glass cleaner. 

Finish off by washing the bath mat in the washing machine.

How To Clean A Bathroom Like A Pro

Clean the sink

Now it’s time to clean the sink. Begin by scrubbing the sink and the counter area, removing any dirt, toothpaste etc. It’s best to do this with a sponge and some cleaning detergent, rinsing it out as you go. Again, you can wipe some vinegar on to the taps to make them shiny. 

Once you’ve washed the inside of the basin, get a cloth and some spray and wipe the outside of the basin too. You should also give your toothbrush holder a rinse and then leave a mixture of diluted bleach and water in it for a few minutes in order to kill any germs. 

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Clean the mirror

Bathroom mirrors always get so dirty. To clean it, get a cloth and some cleaning spray and then wipe the mirror dry.

How To Clean A Bathroom Like A Pro

Clean all other surfaces

Once you’ve done the most important cleaning, don’t forget to give the bathroom a once over. Use a duster to remove any cobwebs and wipe down shelves, radiators and any other surfaces.  Don’t forget to ensure that everything is stocked up, making sure you have enough toilet paper and so on. 

Mop the floor

You’re almost done, the only thing left to do is to clean the floor. Start by removing any dirt with a dustpan and brush or a hoover. Then once the floor is clean, simply go over it with a mop and some hot soapy water.

How To Clean A Bathroom Like A Pro

There’s you have it, now you know how to clean a bathroom like a pro, or like your mom at least. Cleaning the bathroom isn’t everyone’s favourite task, however, it needn’t take long, and once you get into a routine, cleaning your bathroom will be effortless. What’s your advice when it comes to how to clean a bathroom? Share your tips below.
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