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How To Choose The Sorority That Represents You

How To Choose The Sorority That Represents You

How To Choose The Sorority That Represents You

Starting college is tough, especially if you are starting in a fresh, new town that you have never been to. Being that the campus is so large and now all your choices in life are much more essential, you want to make sure you are on track in your own life by building a community, and a good way to find a community in college and to be involved on campus is by choosig a sorority.

Being in a sorority means joining a sisterhood for life, in which you will all have each others backs and you will be part of a huge network of Greek life that spans all over the country.

Here are a few tips on how to choose a sorority and find the one that most represents your values.

1. Understand Sisterhood

Sisterhood in Greek life is taken very seriously. These are not just sorority girls who joined the same group you did; these are girls who were just like you and wanted to find something to facilitate in representing them.

These girls will be the ones that will guide you through college and provide you connections for the rest of your life. Not only will you have these girls by your side throughout the rest of your career, but you will also have a network of girls from all over the country who wear your same letters. You as well will become a mentor to the younger generations of inductees.

Understanding sisterhood means understanding the sorority mission and philanthropy. With this, you can succeed in finding yourself as you go through the same experiences in college with these girls as well. Basically, choose a sorority that holds YOUR values.

How To Choose The Sorority That Represents You

2. Talk To People

You have to communicate with people in order to better understand them, so this is exactly what you have to do with a sorority.

When meeting the group, you have to look at the first impressions you get and also the personalities presented. This will determine whether or not you could fit into this group and if you will be able to tolerate it for the rest of your life.

Think about which sorority you felt the most comfortable with and which one represented your morals the best.

How To Choose A Sorority That Represents You

3. Do Some Research

Try to know the reputation and the morals held behind each sorority. Get some research done on the background of these sororities so you can know the roots behind them.

Also, almost every sorority sponsors a specific charity, so browse through and find what is actually meaningful to you.

Getting word around campus on each sorority’s reputation is also essential. If you are in a sorority with a bad reputation, you are likely not going to be perceived well by others and your sorority could possibly get kicked off campus; keep this in mind when you make your final decision. Try to choose a sorority that has a good reputation so people do not fixate you with something negative.

How To Choose A Sorority That Represents You

4. Attend Rush Events

Rush is the most important time to check out the top sororities.

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Even though a lot of these sororities will likely just put a picture image for you to drive you in, you have to learn to look past it. Talk to all the girls and learn their personalities by asking them questions. Along with that, try to get as much information as possible about each group and how their inductions work.

Go to all the rush events when you have narrowed down your options and try to see what is best for you and your personality. Choose a sorority that you believe you can fit with the best and that you see yourself lasting a lifetime in.Also, talk to the other members who are trying to get inducted and see what they have learned as well.

How To Choose A Sorority That Represents You

5. Embrace Yourself!

Be open about yourself and do not try to act any other way with your sorority sisters. If you try to merge into their personalities, you will lose your own sense of identity and eventually get sick of it.

Do not be afraid to join a sorority based on your culture. For example, if you are Jewish, you are likely to find a Jewish sorority. If you are in the pre-law track, you are likely to find a pre-law-based sorority to help you achieve your future dreams.

After choosing a sorority, you most likely cannot change your letters. These letters stay with you for life. Therefore, make sure you choose the sorority that embraces your own values, morals, and philanthropy needs so that you can have a sisterhood behind your back in your remaining college years.

How To Choose A Sorority That Represents You

How did you choose a sorority? What is your favorite part about Greek life? Tell us in the comments!

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