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How To Choose The Right Friends

How To Choose The Right Friends

When navigating through life it can be difficult to select the right friends. Here are some key components to think about when choosing the right friends!

People will come and go into your life no matter what stage you’re at. Some will impact your life in positive ways you never expected while others will do the opposite. Here are some tips to make sure that you surround yourself with genuine comrades.

Can You Be Yourself?

This is obviously one of the most important aspects when choosing the right friends. If the people you hang out with disallow you to be yourself, then it’s best to seek friendship elsewhere. There’s nothing worse than feeling judged for being unique. However, no matter how small your town is or how alone you may feel now, always remember that there’s a gigantic world out there that is filled with interesting people such as yourself.

Do They Actually Wanna Hangout With YOU?

Nowadays, it’s hard to tell who actually likes you for your personality. Unfortunately, some people will befriend you for what you can offer them in return. Whether for a new social status or finical benefits, these people will attempt to take advantage of you. While not every single person you meet will have shady agendas such as this, one must always be cautious who they let into their inner circle.


Do They Encourage You?

A telltale sign to see if someone actually cares about you is how they react to your successes. The right friends will be ecstatic to hear about that new promotion you got or how well your new relationship is going. There shouldn’t be any hint of jealousy whenever you deliver good news to someone that “cares” about you. Seek friendship from those that wanna see you do better!

Are They Attempting To Evolve?

The people you surround yourself with speaks volumes about your character. If you’re attempting to get your degree and you’re still hanging around with stoners with no ambition, then their mindset could impact you in more ways than one. Let’s say for example, that you have a few minor setbacks on your path to greatness and your stoner friends are the only emotional support you have. Since they don’t share the same ambitious drive as you, they may encourage to simply give up on your goals and live their lifestyle instead. The right friends will always want what’s best for you no matter what stage of your life you’re in.

Can You Trust Them?

Do you trust your group of “friends” with sensitive information about your life? If something serious is happening and you need a shoulder to lean on, will they be able to support you emotionally and spiritually? What about your significant other? If you were to break up with your partner, would you “friends” attempt to replace you at the first chance they got? These may seem like obvious questions one might ask themselves but plenty of people ignore these questions because of how much fun they have with a group of people. No one wants to be alone and some people will ignore obvious flaws in a friendship in order to be apart of a social group.

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Do You Actually Have Fun With Them?

Again, this should be a no-brainer but make sure you actually enjoy yourself while hanging out with your amigos. The rights friends are ones that you can have fun no matter the situation. You should be able to have fun with your friends without spending a dime. Your fun with your friends should come from sharing each other’s company. The hours should slip away without either of you noticing.

And Most Importantly…

Make sure that you remain yourself. No matter what social class your friends may belong to, never lose yourself. Like I said earlier, the world is filled with many other interesting people, such as yourself, so don’t sacrifice what makes you special!


Can you think of any more important factors when choosing the right friends? Comment below!

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