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How To Choose The Best Bottle Of Wine For Your Personality

How To Choose The Best Bottle Of Wine For Your Personality

Every bottle of wine ever made has been crafted in a particular fashion to distinguish itself from all the rest. A personality for each bottle is built through the fermenting process, bottling, and time spent aging. For each bottle, their life begins at the vine. Carefully chosen,  grapes serve as the most important base element for any wines budding personality. Additional flavors are added to develop the personality further and make a type of wine distinguishable. Each bottle of wine holds a unique complexity of notes and traits that can be paralleled to mimic our very own complex mix of personality traits that make us who we are.

Using the most common wine types, this guide has been crafted to help pair different kinds of personalities with a wine that shares similar traits for a match made in heaven!

1. The Life Of The Party Type

For all those that purposefully put themselves in the center of a room to soak up all the attention they can get, a wine with unforgettable flavor is best to complement their bold personality. Concocted for an uber recognizable flavor, Chardonnay holds strong notes full of boldness, perfect for any uniquely bold personality.

Another wine suited for the fun and bubbly party dwellers is Champagne. A pop and fizz kinda wine, Champagne is made for celebrating. Filled with carbonation, this type of wine is made to super bubbly and fun, a perfect drink for those lively individuals that serve as the life of the party. This sparkling drink shares a personality with those who like to shine and celebrate life to the fullest.

How To Choose The Best Bottle Of Wine For Your Personality

2. The Calm & Demure Type

Demure personality types are often deemed sweethearts of any group. Their traits are less intrusive than others, allowing them to be among the realms of good listeners, calm demeanors and easy-going attitudes. These individuals need a bottle wine with smooth, sweet and subtle flavors, such as Merlot. This type is concocted with flavors that adapt to each other, making this wine easy to drink and loved by many.

How To Choose The Best Bottle Of Wine For Your Personality

3. The Sophisticated Type

For personalities that desire the finer things in life, wine is an obvious drink to aide the image of the sophistication. However, not every bottle is respectable enough to be sipped by those with class. A signature of class, any well-made bottle of Pinot Noir will surely meet ones sophisticated standards. Alike to the wine’s flavors those who drink this are refined, fresh, and elegant.

How To Choose The Best Bottle Of Wine For Your Personality

4. The Introspective & Curious Type

If your the type that would rather stay at home on the weekend and dive deep into a book that feeds your curiosity or enjoys meaningful conversations with a select few, a bottle of wine is a necessary addition to the formula. Malbec is a great choice for the introspective type. This type of wine is crafted with deep and rich notes that manifest an intensely smooth flavor. Full of deep layers for a complex taste, any Malbec will have the curious type spinning to figure out all the flavors that make it so tasty.

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How To Choose The Best Bottle Of Wine For Your Personality

5. The Hard Working Type

For types with hard-working personalities fueled by determination and strength, a glass of wine is necessary to calm down their inner drive and let them loosen up from the workday. A wine with a straightforward flavor, Sauvignon Blanc is a great choice for the strong-willed. Filled with rich fruity notes, the flavors are made to be focused and taste strong, and perfectly complement the focused mind of those hard at work.

How To Choose The Best Bottle Of Wine For Your Personality

6. The Funny & Silly Type

Individuals that have the edge to be the comic relief in others lives often take pride in their ability to be humorous as it makes stand out among the crowd. They need a wine that is just as uniquely different as their funny bone. Somewhat of an outcast from traditional wine, Rosé is a drink made for the lively bunch. It stands to show others that these easy-going, fun-seeking individuals don’t live in a red-and-white world.

How To Choose The Best Bottle Of Wine For Your Personality

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, or somewhere in between there is a bottle of wine that matches perfectly with your personality. Share with us the wines types that call out your name in the comment section below.

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