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How To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo The Right Way

How To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo The Right Way

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that we all look forward to for a number of reasons. Not only does it give us a chance to recognize Mexican history and culture, but who can turn down the opportunity to devour delicious and traditional Mexican food? There is so much to think about if you want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and I don’t mean just going out for tacos and tequila shots. This year, plan a party to help celebrate all the wonderful aspects of this Mexican holiday! Here are a few things to consider if you want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo the right way!

1. The Party Isn’t Complete Without Guacamole

And when I say this, I mean LOADS of guacamole! The best part of going into any Mexican restaurant is all the guac and chips you can eat, so plan to make it a central part of your Cinco de Mayo celebration. Find a good, easy recipe online, make sure to get plenty of avocados and other necessary ingredients, and make several bowls full of this creamy goodness. You and your guests will definitely go back for more before the rest of the meal! Place them in clay bowls to go along with the Mexican theme!

How To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo The Right Way

2. Don’t Forget The Sombreros

Sombreros are an important symbol during the holiday and there are so many ways to utilize them! They make great party hats but can also be used as a centerpiece or part of the decorations. Your friends will enjoy taking silly pictures with these wide-brimmed headpieces to post on Instagram just as much as if you fill them with chips or candy on the table! Either way, including sombreros in your festivities is a surefire way to make great memories!

How To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo The Right Way

3. Get Creative With The Decorations

There are so many ways to decorate for a Cinco de Mayo party, from the piñatas and Mexican paper banners to the cacti shaped ornaments and serape blankets. A lot of Mexican culture is bright and colorful, therefore you should make sure to emphasize these colors in your decorations. Decorate the tables with traditional Mexican flowers and lay out some maracas and plastic guitars to get everyone in the mood for the fiesta! Don’t forget to play pin the tail on the donkey and pick up some Mexican-themed desserts too!

How To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo The Right Way

4. Remember Your Festive Attire

Another great way to help celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year is to find some festive Mexican attire! While you don’t have to go out and find authentic clothes that are made in Mexico, and you don’t exactly have to look like a mariachi or wear a poncho if that’s not your style, there are other Mexican-inspired attire to dress up in for the holiday! Many department stores sell trendy clothes that have similar patterns! You can easily find an off the shoulder top with bright floral designs and throw on some shorts and sandals for an equally festive look! Or just wearing the typical Mexican colors is enough to help celebrate!

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How To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo The Right Way

5. Bring On The Margaritas

Probably one of the best parts of celebrating Cinco de Mayo is the fruity margaritas! Go for tropical flavors and set up a margarita bar at your Cinco de Mayo party to get all your guests giggly as they dance to rancheras and mariachi music all night! And always make sure your friends have a safe ride home when you are done with your Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

How To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo The Right Way

How will you be celebrating Cinco De Mayo the right way this year? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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