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How To Build The Perfect Night Routine

Though the day is unwinding, you shouldn’t stop practicing self-care. It’s important to build a night routine to help revitalize yourself. Who wants to go to bed feeling bedraggled and bogged-down from the day? Not me. Here are some ways you can solidify your night routine, promising rest and relaxation: 

1. Light Exercise

As the great Elle Woods once said, “exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy!”. Obviously, you’ll want to go to bed feeling positive and refreshed. However, health experts usually discourage exercising right before you go to sleep. To give you a quick boost of endorphins, as well as to avoid strenuous exercise before bed, I recommend yoga. Yoga teeters the line between working out and resting your body and mind. You won’t feel overly energetic after most yoga routines, so you can go to sleep with ease. Yoga will also help release whatever negative feelings you’re holding onto from the day, ensuring a peaceful night of sleep. I think I’ve actually fallen asleep during yoga a handful of times (I blame Savasana for that). 

2. Squeeze In Some Screen Time

Again, sleep experts advise you to stay away from screens before bed. I believe in balance, so I say, limit your screen time instead of cutting it out completely. You can reserve a small slot in your night routine for TV and TikTok. I know it’s difficult to shut your phone off before bed, so try to set a timer that’ll indicate when to stop using it. If the timer doesn’t work, have one of your friends act as an accountability partner. Whenever it’s time for you to log off, they can text you a reminder. I suggest fitting in your screen time earlier in your night routine. That way, you won’t feel brain-fried going to bed.

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

As you can tell by my three “hydrate”‘s, hydration should be a crucial part of your night routine. Grab a tumbler and fill it up with ice cold water. This cup of water should stay by your bedside throughout the night. Water will fill you up more than you expect, avoiding any late night cravings. Throw in a lemon or mint for some extra flavor! If water is too boring, end your with some sleepy tea. I love drinking chamomile tea before bed; anything herbal will likely help you fall asleep quicker.  

4. Physical Wellness

Time to clean up for bed! To guarantee a good night of sleep, you should have “that” shower. What is “that” shower, you may ask? Like “that” girl, “that” shower is completely focused on wellness. “That” shower is longer than a normal shower, allowing you time for contemplation, cleansing, and whatever else you do in the shower. While a normal shower involves soap, shampoo, and conditioner, “that” shower is more intense. When I have “that” shower, I shave, slap on tons of products, and even self-tan, if I so choose to. “That” shower should leave you feeling like a new person. I think I coined the term from influencer Danielle Carolan, so I have her to thank for discovering what a “that” shower is. After your shower, you should take your time with your skincare night routine. If you want, you can throw on a face mask, too—whatever helps you feel rejuvenated. 

5. Plan For Tomorrow

Sometimes, I’m too stressed about the next day to sleep peacefully. To eliminate any worries about tomorrow, plan for the day before you go to bed. Part of my night routine is making a list of tasks I need to complete when I wake up. I divide my errands into three categories: things I need to do in the morning, things I need to do in the afternoon, and things I need to do at night. I try to make sure that this is the first tab I open my phone to in the morning. Having a list puts my mind at ease, helping me fall asleep faster. The app, Better You, is reliable for keeping track of your tasks and habits. I also allow myself some time in my night routine to plan my outfit for tomorrow. 

6. Read!

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I always save space in my night routine for reading. Usually, I read when I’m just about to go to sleep. Though reading is a mental stimulant, it also relaxes my mind into a deep sleep. The more boring the book is, the easier it is for me to slip into sleep. I’m not sure how accurate this information is, but I wake up feeling more intelligent after reading at night. Somehow, I’m also more motivated to start the day. If reading isn’t your thing, then try journaling before bed. Not only does journaling help you gather your thoughts, but it will also soothe your mind. Don’t quote me on this, but I’m 80% sure reading and journaling make your dreams more vivid. 

7. White Noise

Forget what I said about powering down before bed. If you need your phone to play white noise, then by all means, go for it. While white noise doesn’t work for everyone, it has been a lifesaver for me and my occasional insomnia. White noise is especially helpful for those with noisy roommates, though you might have to crank it up to the max volume. BetterSleep is my favorite app to use for calming rain and ocean sounds. The best is when it’s actually raining outside, and you don’t need to wear your Airpods to blare white noise. I’ve also cultivated a Spotify playlist with comforting, soft songs on it. Some people like listening to podcasts before bed (I’ve never done it, but it seems to do the trick!). 

It’s no secret that we need sleep. What’s even more important is having a productive, stress-free, restoring night of sleep to prepare us for the next day. Rest up, and remember to take care of yourself.

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