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How To Build The Perfect Hair Care Kit For Natural Hair

How To Build The Perfect Hair Care Kit For Natural Hair

Maintaining healthy can be very tricky especially if you are transitioning. You go through many products but nothing seems to work right. Some products leave a residue, others strip your hair of its a natural oil, some just don’t clean your hair properly. Let’s ditch the stressful hair frizz and tangling with this guide that includes everything you need to build the perfect hair care kits. 

1. Moisturizer 

I’ve been natural for seven years now and I honestly did not start using moisturizer until very recently. I always thought the oils I got would be enough moisture for my hair, but I was sorely wrong. Since I’ve started using hair moisturizer you can imagine my hair hasn’t been very dry.

All hair care kits should have a good moisturizing lotion in order to keep your hair drying out and breakage.  Our hair goes through a lot from harmful shampoos to different styling tools. Add one layer of protection to your hair care kits for a bit of relief. 


2. Hair Oils

Hair oil is great for your hair. It stimulates hair growth by increasing the blood circulation of the scalp. Bring some nourishment to your hair care kits. 

Take note that there are a lot of different hairstyles in the world, meaning everything that works for your friend may not necessarily work for you. 

Some good hair oils to add to your hair care kits is castor oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. Many of these products can e bought in the grocery store and tend to be pure and cold-pressed. 


3. Leave-In Conditioner

Had a long day outside? Maybe your hair dried out and you need to get started on some hair restoration. A leave-in conditioner is good for moisturizing your hair, but a good leave-in conditioner will do so much more. It will detangle your hair, protect it from damage, as well as add some shine and strength to it. 

You can wear this in your hair for many hours, depending on the ingredients. Don’t settle for less when building your hair care kits.

4. Hair Masks 

Hair masks are similar to leave-in conditioners in a way but still have significant differences. For instance, hair masks are applied before you wash your hair but are different in for leave-in conditioners. This way you can quickly rub some of your favorite hair masks on your hair and be on your way out the door. They both provide you with some of the same nourishment. 


The first hair mask I used left a lot of residue in my hair. maybe I used it wrong, but it is something you should watch out for. 

5. Wide Tooth Comb

A wide-tooth comb, also known as a detangling comb, is the perfect tool for thick hair. If you’re tender headed then you know the struggle of not having a wide-tooth comb. We’ve all been through it.


As a comb or pick is moving through your hair, it suddenly gets stuck on a bundle of hair. Whoops! You won’t run into that issue when you add a wide-tooth comb to your inventory. 

6. Detangler Brush

Similar to the wide-tooth comb, the detangle brush is a crucial part of your hair care kits. They are important to prevent further damage to your hair. 


7. Hair Gel

Need something to lay your edges? Try some EcoStyling Gel. This is one of the best styling gels on the market as it is the first alcohol-free hair styling product to hit the market. 

8. Silk Or Satin Scarf 

This is definitely needed for your hair care kit. Cotton scarves are known for breaking off your hair and, personally, for always slipping off my hair. Silk and satin scarves will keep your hairstyle in place, keep your hair played, and not strip away all of the moisture in your head.  


Play it safe with the silk and satin scarves folks. 

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9. Hair Ties

No matter what type of hair you have, you will a variety of hair tie sizes. The thicker the hair, the thicker the hair tie. This way, you’re not putting a lot of stress on your hair and now you’re preventing breakage. 

My hair type is 4c and I’ve made the mistake of using very skinny hair ties. Every time I pull them out, there are small clumps of hair entangled in the silver bit. I don’t experience these problems when I use a thick hair tie though. 

10. Hair Pins

My go-to protective hairstyle is two-strand twists, exactly what I’m wearing right now. I usually pull them up into a couple of ponytails, but whenever I go to change the twists up there are a couple that refuses to comply. I’ll tuck them under other twists and pray that they stay, but not I just clip it into place with a bobby pin. 


11. Spray Bottle(s)

Sometimes I wake up late after going to sleep very late ut my hair still needs some attention. I don’t want to go out the door looking a mess. It is best to have a handy spray bottle in your hair care kits. 

This spray bottle will have a mixture of your hair care products in it. For instance, in my spray bottle, I put a bit of all of the oils I have, moisturizer, and some leave-in conditioner. If you have a bald patch in your hair, add in some hair growth oil. 


I believe it is best to have multiple bottles though. Think about it like this…

  1. Oil Bottle: which contains all of my oils in one. 
  2. Moisture and Seal Bottle: which contains a moisturizer, a leave-in conditioner, and some water.
  3. Bottle of hair growth oil. 

This spray bottle will save you a lot of time. Don’t rely on this spray bottle too much as it only meant to be used as a temporary fix. 

12. Hair Stylist Contact 

Some of us prefer to do our hair without any outside intervention but is essential to get your hair treated every once in a while. Give yourself a break. 



Having these essentials in your hair care kit will save you lots of heartache. Am I missing anything? Tell me!