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How To Brighten Up Your Apartment For Spring

How To Brighten Up Your Apartment For Spring

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, but the warm weather is starting to roll in as we transition into spring. From the dark colors to everything pastel you can brighten up your apartment with wall decor, flowers, and statement pieces. Even with different decorating styles, there are pieces that can be put into your apartment to show off your personality. 

Wall Decor 

Whether you want something modern, chic, vintage and so on there are numerous wall decor items that will brighten up your apartment and make it feel like home for the springtime. Canvas art, mirrors, and tapestries can be used to give the room a fresh feeling while adding some color. 

1. Canvas Art Ideas

Looking for canvas art can be overwhelming because there are usually isles and isles of canvases for every theme you could possibly think of. For a modern theme, a neutral-colored floral piece can be put on an accent wall. Target has the perfect piece that is elegant and clean for a minimalistic modern look. 


Modern example from Target

If you’re looking for a pop of color that will bring some fun into the room looking at colorful floral paintings is the way to go. This piece from World Market can work with any color scheme and could be paired with other baby pink accent pieces throughout the room. 

Colorful World Market Canvas


Trendy, elegant, and on-trend we move more towards chic. This piece which is also from World Market has a touch of elegance with gold around the white flower. It is a very elegant piece that would need to be a centerpiece on your wall. 

Chic World Market Painting

2. Tapestries 

These are big pieces that will most likely take up an entire wall in your apartment but the add so much to a room and hide the plain wall behind it. It’s also a really simple way to decorate without putting in that much effort. Buying one tapestry for a wall can also save you money instead of having to buy a couple different art pieces to fill a blank space. 


Although this tapestry might not brighten up your apartment you could easily get pastel or neon pillows for the pop of color. The black and white gives off a very clean look

Basic tapestry for a more moderns style apartment

This floral tapestry from Society6 is more muted colors but can still brighten up your apartment without being too overbearing. There is a mix of pastel colors while still keeping some cool tone colors that we see during the wintertime. 


Pastel watercolor tapestry for a blank wall

If a lot of floral isn’t your thing there are many tapestry options, tapestries with Mandelas on them have become very popular over the years. They have many intricate designs throughout the madela and each one is very unique. Because of the intricate designs you would not need to do much decorating. Keeping it simple and adding basic decor pieces within the same color scheme can add a subtle spring feeling to your apartment this one from PB Teen has a pastel mandala on it. 

Alternative option for a floral tapestry.


Flowers and Greenery 

Flowers and greenery are small pieces that can make the biggest difference. Flowers can be changed out on a weekly basis and bring a bright vibe to your apartment. Greenery can also be used on shelves or as hanging pieces. 

1. Flower Centerpieces 

Flower centerpieces are a statement and become the focal point of any table, flower centerpieces can even be put on side tables. The flower and vase choice are two big decisions that need to be made. For an elegant look, a gold vase with white flowers can have a subtle brightness to them. White colors open up the room which can make it seem bigger and brighter.

 Elegant centerpiece for a chic style

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Too much color isn’t a bad thing and color blocking is on-trend right now. Adding a variety of colored flowers in different color vases is a bold move that will draw people’s attention in as soon as they walk into your apartment. It’s a fun way to show your personality and can even be used when transitioning into summertime.

Spring/Summer centerpiece that is fun and bold


Another big trend, especially with modern decorating, is geometric shapes. A geometric wire centerpiece is simple and adding dainty flowers in the center won’t be overbearing or clash with other decor that may be around the apartment. You could also swap out the flowers for some tea light candles to bring light into the apartment at night. 

Geometric dainty centerpiece

2. Hanging Plants 

With the sun coming back out again it’s the perfect weather to add plants into your apartment. Hanging plants add decor from all eye levels in an apartment. If you have high ceilings you can add hanging plants onto any blank space on a wall where the sun will reach it. Unless you want to get fake plants, they’re just as pretty but minus all the maintenance and fresh smell. 


A minimal greenery arrangement that consists of neutral tones gets its pop of color from the vibrant green plants and succulents. Putting these around the house can boost your mood and can be good for your health by reducing stress and increasing your creativity. With more greenery, you can brighten up your apartment with colorful throw pillows and blankets. 

Hanging plant for a fresh and mood boosting aroma

Floral Garland can be used above a couch, television, or down a hallway. Just like tapestries, the floral garland is an easy way to decorate a larger space with minimal, effort. You can use fresh flowers to create this and pick colors based on events for the week or what your mood is but for a more long-lasting option fake flowers and leaves can be used. 


Hanging garland that can be used anywhere in an apartment

Everyone has their own way of expressing their personality through decorating. The leaves start to grow back and flowers begin to bloom in the spring. The bright sun and colorful flowers bring a fresh aroma to the outdoors. You can bring this brightness into your apartment by adding canvas art, floral centerpieces, and greenery, as well as tapestries. No matter what your style may be there are many options in-store and online to brighten up your apartment for the spring