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How To Boost Your College Application

How To Boost Your College Application

How To Boost Your College Application

Applying to a college or university can cause a lot of anxiety for students. With the help of your college application and essay, colleges are able to better understand the person who is applying to their school. Due to this, it’s important that students include information that will accurately reflect not only who they are as a student, but as a person as well. Here are some tips on how to boost your college application.

Creative Essay

The college essay is one of the biggest contributors to your college application. It allows you to share personal details about yourself and paint a picture beyond your grades, GPA, and test scores. When writing your college essay, be sure to choose a topic that will highlight who you are as a person. Try to stray away from topics that are already mentioned in your college application or resume. For example, if your college application states that you’re an active member of the robotics clubs, don’t write your essay about the time you won an award. Instead, find a topic that reveals information about you that the admission counselors don’t already know. When writing your essay, be sure to include details that appeal to the senses in order to paint a picture of what’s happening. Lastly, instead of telling an event from start to finish, focus on a moment within that event that will capture you as a whole.

How To Boost Your College Application

Community Involvement/Volunteerism

Nowadays, grades and test scores are receiving less attention throughout the college application process. This isn’t to say that grades aren’t important to colleges, but what’s also important is being a well-rounded person. By taking the time to volunteer and highlighting this through your application, you’re showing that there’s more to you than your GPA. Whether you decide to volunteer at an animal shelter or host a clothing drive for those in need, there are plenty of ways to get involved. Similar to the college essay, volunteering can convey a lot about someone’s character. It not only shows that you’re passionate and driven, but it also demonstrates strong time management. Furthermore, rather than volunteering once at multiple places, try volunteering for one organization multiple times. This shows admissions that you actually care about the work you’re doing rather than doing so to boost your college application.

School Clubs And Organizations

School clubs and organizations are a great way to emphasize your interests and passions. If you’re interested in earning a degree in journalism, make the effort to join your school newspaper. If you’re someone who’s passionate about football, try out for your high school’s football team. By joining clubs and organizations, college admissions will be able to conclude that you’re dedicated and able to balance academics with extracurricular activities. Whatever you decide to do, always remember that quality is better than quantity. Rather than signing up for multiple clubs or organizations, choose a handful to focus on. With these clubs and organizations, you’ll be able to gain experience and skills that you can apply to your college experience.

How To Boost Your College Application

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Taking the time to complete an internship throughout your high school career will show college admissions that you’re motivated and driven. Additionally, internships are a great way to determine whether or not you want to pursue a certain career path. If you’re interested in studying radio production, try reaching out to your local radio station about an internship. If you have no idea what you want to study, research organizations or companies in your area with internship programs. Majority of colleges are going to require you to complete at least one internship in order to graduate. Rather than waiting for your junior or senior year of college, make the effort to gain that experience now.

Requesting An Interview

While some colleges and universities don’t offer interviews, a good majority of them do. If you have the opportunity to interview with a college admissions counselor, do so. By taking the time to interview with an admissions counselor, you’re demonstrating your interest and enthusiasm for that school. Rather than letting your college application determine who you are as a person, let them get to know you beyond words on a paper. Whether you choose to interview in person, over a phone call, or through FaceTime, an interview with a college counselor can boost your chances of being accepted. Nothing is more appealing than a student who will take every possible step to pursue all avenues. If a college you’re applying to doesn’t offer interviews, make the effort to connect with an admissions counselor through email. Introduce yourself and ask them questions that you can’t already find the answers to on their school’s website.

How To Boost Your College Application

It’s no secret, the college application process can be intimidating. Let us know your favorite college application tips in the comments below!

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