How To Bleach Hair The Right Way

Check out these products to use if your hair this summer season is turning into brassy blonde hair. These items will help your hair tone.

We’ve all been guilty. There’s a big societal desire to go blonde. You can keep it ashy, light, even put colour on top of it. The possibilities are endless. Though it comes in many shades and forms, bleaching one’s hair to go platinum is the in thing to do. Unless you’re born with a natural blonde hue and can get away with using a simple lightener instead, the only way to achieve this hair level is through hair bleaching.

Here’s the best way to go about it with no brassiness, no hair falling out; just a head full of soft golden locks:


This is probably the most obvious statement, but the easiest way to achieve the bright blonde of your dreams: if you’re okay to drop a fair money over multiple salon visits, this is the best way to go. Hairdressers know exactly how to bleach your hair according to its type, natural locks etc.

But you’re not here to hear about that. Half the fun of going blonde is the process (done right, of course!) So here’s how to bleach your own locks.

1. Research

Always do your research before committing to bleaching your hair. It only takes one search of ‘hair bleaching gone wrong’ Youtube videos to see uneven results and even hair falling out. And all because people didn’t know what they were getting themselves into.

Read a few articles, (you’ve got a good start with this one!) watch a few tutorials and even ask a professional for their opinion on the matter. Although they may suggest that booking at the salon would be the preferred option.

2. Pre-Application

Don’t wash your hair for a few days prior to bleach applications. Bleach strips the natural oils , and adding bleach to clean hair is a breakage disaster waiting to happen. You will be asked, as with other dye products, to do a test strand prior to full application.


You’ll be putting your hair through a stressful situation, and not understanding what could happen to the whole head could turn out very badly.

Gather together any products that you know are helpful to hair: repairing hair masks, coconut oil etc. If you can spring for it, Olaplex No3 helps . It’s almost like having the salon’s help in your own home. Get it by clicking on the image below.

How to Bleach Hair The Right Way

3. Application

Wear gloves and wrap a protective layer around exposed skin; bleach will burn when it comes into contact with it. Make sure you’re in a well-ventilated room: the smell is deadly and will affect you otherwise.

DO NOT OVERPROCESS YOUR HAIR. It will fall out. I can assure you. You may think a stronger developer will be better as you’re getting the job done quicker: but a 20 or developer that’s dilated with other products will do the job just as well as a 40, though this will take a longer period of time to achieve the level you desire.

If you feel your head burning excessively, wash the bleach out immediately. Chemical burns are no joke!

4. Toning

The lightest your hair can go will often have a yellow tinge to it. This can be corrected by applying blonde toners. Think of the colour wheel: yellow pigments would be counteracted by purple ones. This is where toner comes in.

Toners are used when you have reached your desired hair level. They will banish any yellow pigments left from your hair base and make them appear ashy. Toners have a stronger underlying pigment base and work best. Purple shampoos left on for 5 minutes in the shower also have a similar effect, albeit not as immediately obvious.

Here are some options for toning your hair.

How to Bleach Hair The Right Way

How to Bleach Hair The Right Way

5. Maintenance

Blonde is probably the hardest colour to maintain. Be prepared to top up your roots when they grow out at around 6-8 week intervals, wash with purple shampoo and conditioner, and treat your hair to various conditioning masks. Coconut oil and cold showers will be your best friend.

Heat will be your enemy: ditch hair dryers and other heated hair styling products, opting for air drying and non-heated styling methods. Note that this may also take longer: bleached hair tends to be more porous overall, meaning that your hair will hold onto water longer as a result.

Have you ever bleached your hair? Let me know in the comments below!

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