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How to Better Communicate According to Your Zodiac

How to Better Communicate According to Your Zodiac

From Aries to Pisces, here are a few ways you can better communicate–according to your zodiac. 


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As a fire sign, Aries are natural-born leaders; passionate in their beliefs and determined to reach their goals. However, their competitive nature can often get the best of them. Sometimes it’s more valuable to listen than to lead. After hearing someone out, communication between the two of you is bound to improve. You can take a back seat occasionally, allowing others to take the reign. 


A tip: Control your impulses–and watch out for reactionary anger. Let someone else take a turn in the leadership position.




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Tauruses are known for their reliability and resilience. They are diligent workers; determined to meet their goals. Yet they’re also known for issues with jealousy and emotional balance. They can be possessive of their friends and partners, while avoiding the communication that could explain such behavior. 



A tip: When you find yourself feeling jealous, take a step back, and consider how to communicate these feelings with your partner or friends before acting out in spite. 




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Geminis are outgoing and fun; natural storytellers who easily command the attention of others. Yet, similarly to Capricorns, much of their personality can become a tiring performance. Geminis are stubborn, grounded in their opinions, and cannot be easily reasoned with. They can be hot-headed and quick to anger when called out. In order to communicate properly, a Gemini should practice controlling their impulses–and choosing to reason rather than insult. 



A tip: Sometimes “winning” an argument isn’t worth the aftermath. 




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Cancers are known to be “quiet and emotional”–yet that is often not the case. While Cancers are sensitive, it is both their biggest weakness and their greatest gift. Cancers are easily taken advantage of, and often lean towards passive aggressive communication styles over proper confrontation. To better communicate, a Cancer shouldn’t dance around how they really feel– and stand up for themselves when the situation demands it. 



A tip: Instead of withdrawing from a situation that hurts, make your feelings and needs known. 



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Leos are entertaining and charismatic. On the surface, they’re easy to bond with and make wonderful company. Yet the closer you get to a Leo, the more puzzling they become. Leos are known to never admit the inner workings of their psyche, even to those they love most. They appear opinionated, while actually withholding much of their true beliefs. While there is no need for a Leo to spill their guts to every passerby, choosing one or two good friends to vent could be a gamechanger. 



A tip: Facetime your partner, best friend, or a trusted family member—and tell them what’s on your mind. Don’t let bad feelings fester–their advice may be worthwhile. 



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Virgos feel an intense need to control every aspect of their lives. While this often manifests in beneficial ways, such as being organized, on time, diligent, and hard working–it can also be a Virgo’s downfall. They support the ones they love endlessly and do everything in their power to protect them. Yet their controlling nature can bleed into other people’s peace. Virgos are known to be blunt, stubborn, and pushy. When something doesn’t go their way, Virgos have a difficult time accepting it. Instead of forcing the day’s direction, Virgos should try to go with the flow. To better communicate, a Virgo needs to learn how to apologize and own up to their own mistakes. 



A tip: Don’t take everything so seriously. Share your intentions with patience; allow others to disagree. 



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Libras are intelligent and kind–yet they often choose the peace of others over any sort of conflict. While avoiding unnecessary confrontation is a gift of theirs, this tendency prohibits good conflict as well. They find themselves unable to share their true opinions with others, and don’t stand up for themselves or their friends when the situation calls for it. Instead of staying silent or nodding false agreement, a Libra should gently expose their true thoughts on the matter at hand. Their friends will thank them for it later. 



A tip: The world won’t end if your opinion differs from another’s. Speak your mind and you won’t regret it. True friends will value your honest input. 



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Scorpios are known for their daring natures and their bold opinions. They are ambitious and competitive, believing strongly in their own abilities to succeed. Yet they are known to keep secrets and exhibit occasional selfishness. Similarly to Geminis, Scorpios act rashly when they feel threatened or scared. A Scorpio must realize it’s okay to be vulnerable. Sometimes–they’ll lash out at a friend before truly processing the other’s intention. In order for a Scorpio to truly succeed, they need to keep their impulses in check. Before acting out, a Scorpio should practice grounding techniques and remember potential consequences.



A tip: Keep daily diary entries to keep track of your moods and feelings. Ground yourself in this activity.

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Sagittariuses are known for their honesty and intelligence. Yet sometimes this honesty comes off as blunt or unhelpful. Sagittariuses are sure of their opinions, and when their advice is given properly–it’s a true gift. However, in order to better communicate, a Sagittarius needs to focus on phrasing over intention. While they may know exactly what they mean to convey, their word choices can betray the goal at hand–hurting people that care for them. If a friend appears hurt by your words of wisdom, don’t continue without considering new ways to phrase your counsel. Instead of presuming they ‘don’t get it’, try another approach. 



A tip: Learn to take criticism. 



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Capricorns are ambitious, quick witted, and outspoken. Yet often–their words are no more than performative. To better communicate, a Capricorn should learn to speak of the personal truths they shy away from. It’s easy to appear bold and transparent, but it’s much more difficult to actually admit weakness, embarrassment, affection, and the many little things that make us human. 



A tip: Tell your friends you love them, perhaps they need to hear it! 



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Aquariuses are independent thinkers and generally known for their free-spirited nature. Aquariuses have no problem listening to new ideas, and their open-mindedness is a wonderful attribute. Yet they are known to become withdrawn or detached from their friends and family, wandering out of their social sphere. They can be unpredictable–and keeping up with them is a challenge for those who love them most. In order to better communicate, an Aquarius needs consistency. Keep up with your friends and family–check in with them and allow them to check in with you. 



A tip: You can still be free-spirited with the support of your loved ones. Don’t accidentally ghost your friends. 



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Pisces are known mitigators, keeping the peace and sacrificing their opinions to extinguish ongoing conflict. Pisces are soft-spoken and creative, finding new ways to restore and retain harmony for those around them. Yet they find themselves exhausted, always suppressing their own needs to keep others calm. Because of this, Pisces are known to hold a wicked grudge. These grudges cause anger to build and build to an emotional boiling point. Try addressing these issues when they’re new, as opposed to allowing their inevitable growth. 



A tip: Just because you know you’re concealing your true opinion, doesn’t mean others do. Don’t blame them for being in the dark.