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How To Beat The Florida State Heat

How To Beat The Florida State Heat

If your a new student at Florida State you should know that Florida doesn’t really participate in fall weather and the Florida heat is here to stay. That means your going to be walking in 90-degree weather way past thanksgiving break. No matter what you end up wearing to class you’ll probably end up breaking a sweat if you’re outside for more than five minutes. Hopefully, these tips will be able to keep you cool around campus until the cooler weather kicks in.

Wearing T-Shirts

We all know that the Florida heat is brutal and if you’re going to wear anything with sleeves make sure that they’re short. It’s too hot to be wearing anything that resembles fall apparel. Good news though over-sized shirts are totally in this season and you can find some really cute and edgy ones that are perfect for class.

They also make a super comfortable, but acceptable, look. Pair them with shorts, workout leggings, or biker shorts for a completed look that’ll prevent you from overheating on the way to class. When it gets slightly cooler outside they go perfectly with a pair of jeans.

How To Beat The Florida State Heat


Say what you want about Hydroflasks but they do encourage you to stay hydrated. This is super important when it comes to living in Florida. Make sure you pack a water bottle before you leave for class. Classrooms at FSU don’t always have the best air conditioning, especially the lecture halls, and the more people that show up the hotter it gets. Drinking water can help your body cool down faster and prevent you from being miserable during class.

Staying hydrated is also super beneficial for your body in general. It also promotes healthy beautiful skin, and who doesn’t want that. If you aren’t a fan of drinking plain water try adding lemon, cucumber, or mixed fruit to it to encourage you to drink more and combat the Florida heat.

It’s also super important to hydrate if you plan on going to tailgate at noon. The Florida heat can be brutal and drinking makes you extra dehydrated and you run the risk of passing out. Just make sure to have a little bit of water here and there to keep your body running properly.

How To Beat The Florida State Heat


Before going outside you should check to make sure that you have at least a pair of sunglasses with you. They not only protect your eyes from the sun, but it also makes it so much easier to get to class if the sun isn’t blinding you. If you don’t like wearing sunglasses, you can always go for a hat. They do a really great job of keeping the sun off your face.

Plus side tip, if you haven’t washed your hair in a couple of days or you just didn’t feel like doing your hair, a hat will totally cover that. Both are perfect for earlier kickoff times and tailgates too. You can find some super cute FSU hats so you don’t have to feel like you should go without some sort of sun protection.

How To Beat The Florida State Heat

Wearing Quick-Dry Material

It’s totally cool to wear workout material to class these days, and it helps prevent having sweat marks during class. It’s comfortable and makes it easier to get to the gym after class. Try pairing workout pants with tank tops and crop tops to stay even cooler. They also go well with over-sized shirts if you feel like wearing something more comfortable. Workout leggings pair with pretty much everything so you can wear them all year round which is perfect for Florida because the weather hardly ever changes.

Biker shorts are a hot new trend this season and there the perfect leisurewear wear for around campus. They aren’t too short that you’ll be worried about them riding up, and they aren’t too long that you’ll feel suffocated in them. Some of my favorite brands to wear are Lulu Lemon and Fabletics. I definitely recommend investing in some nice quick-dry clothes because you’ll want to wear them all the time and they have better quality than cheaper options.

How To Beat The Florida State Heat

Eat Light

Before walking to class or visiting Strozier its important to make sure you eat something but don’t overdo it. Eating heavier meals before going outside in the Florida heat can make you feel super sluggish and tired. Walking up the dozens of hills around campus can turn into a nightmare real quick if you’ve had a loaded breakfast or lunch.

Eating a couple of eggs and fruit is a great way to start your day and it’s not an incredibly heavy meal. If you aren’t a huge fan of breakfast try having a smoothie. They can be super nutritious and prevent you from feeling sluggish and bloated before class. If you’re really keen on having a big meal before your morning classes try eating earlier than usual to give your body plenty of time to digest it. If you want to go out to lunch with friends I totally recommend eating a├žai. It’s super light, but filling, and its served cold. It’s my go-to meal after class.

How To Beat The Florida State Heat

Pool Days

If you live in a dorm this, unfortunately, doesn’t apply to you, but most apartment complexes around Florida State have pools. The weekend is the perfect time to get a bunch of friends together and just relax by the pool. It can help you de-stress from your week and with intermittent dips in the pool you’ll get a nice tan without overheating.

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How To Beat The Florida State Heat

Iced Drinks

If you’re dead set on having your morning coffee or tea try it iced. It prevents you from getting overheated and ultimately wasting your drink. Iced coffee is my personal favorite and I drink it all year round anyway, but it definitely helps me from dying in the Florida heat on the way to class.

How To Beat The Florida State Heat

Avoid Midday Heat

If possible try to stay in the air conditioning during midday. Obviously, don’t use this as an excuse to not go to class, but I wouldn’t recommend going for an outdoor run between the hours of 12pm through 4pm. The heat combined with the awful humidity can cause severe dehydration if you’re very active outside.

Try to stay in air conditioning and check the weather before walking to class. If it’s a super hot day and you have to walk a long distance consider driving. And obviously, golden hour makes for the better photo op anyways.

How To Beat The Florida State Heat


I know that everyone in Florida wants the perfect golden tan, but because it’s so hot for most of the year it’s really important that you protect your skin. Sun damage is no joke and it can cause some major issues later on in your life. I suggest investing in quality sunscreen for your face at least. Your face is especially susceptible to sun damage from the Florida heat. You can wear it under your foundation every day and no one will know and you’ll prevent major sun damage. Wearing sunscreen also prevents wrinkles and sunspots so you’ll definitely be thanking yourself later on in life.

How To Beat The Florida State Heat

Living in the sunshine state can be incredible, but it can sometimes be a pain to live in a place so hot. I hope these tips help you stay cool all year round. What are some of your tips for staying cool at FSU? Let us know in the comment section below!

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