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How To Beat The Bar Lines At Scorps At UNH

How To Beat The Bar Lines At Scorps At UNH

How does one go about beating the bar line to have an enjoyable experience? Here are some foolproof ways to get ahead and get drinking at Scorps at UNH!!

For many college students bars are an easy, stress free place to drink once 21. However, this is certainly NOT the case at UNH. Because Durham is a relatively small town whose closest metropolitan resembling area is Portsmouth, the bar scene takes on its own unique identity. Unless one feels like taking an Uber to Portsmouth, he or she is placed at the disadvantage of only having three bars to choose from. Even worse, everyone seems to go to either Scorps or Libby’s ignoring the quaint and intimate atmosphere offered by the Knot. Now usually when I’m given the choice I prefer the Knot because it’s less crowded and more fun (at least in my opinion). Of course, though, I’m a minority in this case and am usually left tagging along with the majority of UNH fighting the lines and building up quite a lot of anger while attempting to buy a dollar drink or even get into Scorps. So how does one go about beating this line and having an enjoyable experience? If this is the question you’ve been asking yourself while picturing the Durham bar scene, then you’ve come to the right place because here are some key, foolproof ways to get ahead and get drinking at Scorps at UNH!!

Go Early

Of course as the weather gets warmer this will become earlier and earlier, but as a general rule there’s no better way to guarantee that you won’t be stuck waiting in line just to get into Scorps than if you head over before 7pm. Once it hits 7 you’re gambling on a line and every night your cards may play out differently. This way you’ll be in the bar and ready to shove others out of the way to make sure you’re one of the first to capitalize on those dollar drinks at 8pm.


Cut the Line

Okay, now if you’re a super nice person who has the conscience of the Pope, then I guess you won’t be a fan of this option. However, it can prove very beneficial when you don’t feel like standing all the way behind the entrance to even Libby’s freezing in the dead of the New Hampshire winter. So, just scope out the line as you walk toward the bar, find a friend, wave franticly, act like you’re stopping just to say hi, and then don’t move. Best case scenario is no one says anything cause let’s be honest everyone’s done this before. Worst case scenario is you get yelled at and have to hang your head in shame as you walk to the back of the line branded as a “line cutter”. Don’t worry though, you’ll still make it in eventually.



Day Drink

I’m sure this option seemed quite intriguing at first glance sparking up an interest as to how more drinking could somehow help you beat the Scorps line. There’s two ways actually. First, during warm weather when the deck is open make your way over in the afternoon and simply never leave. Pretty easy and pretty beneficial at least for your patience, not so much your wallet. The second option is applicable during both warm and cold weather. Simply start drinking in the early afternoon maybe even at 11am when Libby’s opens and then just get too drunk and tired to even make it out that night. That way you won’t even be worried about beating the bar line because you’ll be snuggled up in bed with a pizza from Wildcat or Village enjoying every last bite as you pass out to “Secret Life of Pets” playing on your TV.

Sneak In

Now this could be a risky trick, but when maneuvered properly it will allow you to smoothly sneak right into Scorps effortlessly avoiding the line outside. Act like you’re just heading into Village Pizza enjoying a night in. Scoff at your silly fellow college students foolishly waiting to get into the bar. Once in Village, cause a distraction maybe by tripping a fellow customer so that the employees all rush to his or her aid. This offers the perfect opportunity to invisibly open the adjoining door to Scorps and walk right in. Very risky, but also very rewarding.

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Go to Libby’s or The Knot

Now as I had alluded to previously, skipping Scorps altogether is an easy and foolproof way to avoid their line. Remove yourself from the situation and remove yourself from its problems. However, there’s no guarantee that Libby’s won’t have a line or that the Knot will even have more than a handful of people. Of course, if you don’t take a chance in life then you’ll never know. The night is young and it’s up to you what you choose. If you choose the Knot though, you’ll probably see me there. So cheers to you and a fabulous night of drinking in Durham finding ways to avoid the line both into Scorps and during dollar drinks!

Do you know any other ways to beat the bar lines at Scorps at UNH? Share in the comments below!
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