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How To Be The Perfect Instagram Boyfriend

How To Be The Perfect Instagram Boyfriend

Being an Instagram boyfriend is tough work. I wouldn’t know anything about it personally, but I do know how valuable this position is. 

For instance, your girl is probably a beautiful woman who takes joy in being an “influencer” and you’re stuck being the one that helps her take most of her photos. I’m here to tell you that it’s ok, life isn’t all bad. 

And I’m going to coach you up on how to be a perfect Instagram boyfriend. Get those thumbs ready, (insert painful eye-roll) 


Be Supportive

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it should not be lost on you. Every influencer needs their ego stroked not only to succeed but to know that what they do actually matters to someone. 

As an Instagram boyfriend, you need to be supportive of any decision she makes. This includes taking that racy photo in smoldering lingerie for instance. 

Being a supportive boyfriend makes all the difference to an influencer. You’ll need to support creative ideas and at the very least, provide significant input to improve that idea. 


Trust me when I say it will change your life for the better. Well, maybe not life, but definitely your romance. 

How To Be The Perfect Instagram Boyfriend

Learn Photography 

If you want to truly be the perfect Instagram boyfriend then you’ll need to learn some photography. Being an influencer’s personal photographer will surely have its perks. 


The more knowledgeable you become at taking photos, the more attractive you’ll be to your incredibly photogenic girlfriend. 

Not only that but if you become good at taking photos you’ll insert yourself into her world and be able to capitalize as well.

Learning photography can be useful in this case, because you’ll be able to edit her photos and suggest certain shots, angles, and lighting tricks. 


Develop this skill and use her to improve it. She’ll get amazing photos out of it and you’ll have incredible photos for your portfolio! 

Patience is Key

As an Instagram boyfriend, you will have to deal with an endless array of amateur photoshoots. This means that you’ll have to sit there and take hundreds of photos. 

She has to get all kinds of angles, try new poses, and probably have you edit those in an unrealistic time frame. 


Being in this position is not always glitz and glamour. You’ll have to be patient with what she wants out of each and every photo. DOn’t get annoyed, this will benefit you as much as it does her. 

Keep a Trigger Finger

As an Instagram boyfriend, you need to always be prepared. At any given moment, your girlfriend could be photo-ready and you need to snap a quick candid photo of her. 

Or perhaps you’re taking a trip and you notice how great she looks in the natural light so you need to stop and take that photo immediately.  


Having an itchy trigger finger is essential. Sometimes the best photos are the ones that are taken when least expected. Even during a photoshoot, some behind the scene pics can turn out just as good as the actual photo. 

With all that being said, your camera needs to be like a six-shooter in a Clint Eastwood movie. Train your aim cowboy and I promise you’ll be the ideal Instagram boyfriend. 

You Ask Permission Before Posting Photos

This may seem like an odd thing to do, but trust me, if you’re going to be tagging her in photos then she needs to approve them first. 


Most guys don’t know how to tell their girlfriend she’s beautiful, so whatever photo you choose could possibly be ugly to her. 

Sure audiences like someone who is relatable and vulnerable, but she doesn’t want you posting pictures of her seconds after she wakes up. 

Embarrassing Yourself For the Photo

Being an Instagram boyfriend means you have to risk it all for the photo. Now, I wouldn’t recommend doing anything that might endanger yourself, but then again, it all depends on the lengths you’re willing to go through for your significant other. 

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This involves you tossing yourself on the ground in a pile of rocks to get that perfect full body shot. This even means standing in the middle of a rainstorm to catch her in that gorgeous raincoat. 

Yes, standing in the middle of the street during daylight, hanging out the window of your uber are things you will have to do at least a couple times a month. 


People may walk past and feel sorry for you, but fret not my friend, you’re the one who has the privilege to go home with an influencer as her personal photographer. 

How To Be The Perfect Instagram Boyfriend

Be creative 

Being an Instagram photographer is can be intense and emotionally draining. As stated before you should be studying photography techniques, but more than that, you should be more creative too. 


This means things like underwater photoshoots, utilizing creative light sources or beach shoots with a little bit of water involved. 

There are tons of photography hacks at your disposal like using your own lightbox. This means carving out a cardboard box and placing white tissue paper inside. 

You can also create your own light diffuser with a white film container to create a soft light for your photos. Make a hazy photo set with a sandwich bag, one of the cheapest hacks you can do.


Even use an old primitive device known only as the CD to achieve a lens flare. You can use your business cards to bounce the flash off your camera too. 

How To Be The Perfect Instagram Boyfriend

Do it Out of Love

Lastly, to be the best Instagram boyfriend, you shouldn’t do it for fame or money. No, you should do it strictly out of love. 


If you do it out of love, then it will never be a dull moment and it will be that much more fun because you’re making her happy. I know that sounds incredibly corny, but it’s absolutely true. 

Being an Instagram boyfriend isn’t all stress and that I can assure you. Don’t forget to leave a comment down below!