How To Be The Most Likeable Freshman On Campus

You worked so hard to climb from a high school freshman to a senior and reap the upper classman benefits. Now that you are about to go to college, you get to go back to freshman status and climb the social ladder all over again. To get off to a good start, try practicing some of these tips so you can quickly become the most likeable guy or gal in your college freshman class.

Talk to everyone.

Everyone wants to feel like they mean something to someone. Taking the time to talk to people on campus, no matter who they are or who they are with, will help you become a very popular freshman. Be a stranger to no one; take the time to get to know everyone you can.

Sit with someone different in the cafeteria every time you are in there, or talk to the loner under the tree by the science building. Your confidence will appeal to everyone and make you a very interesting freshman, not to mention your attractiveness will go way up, no matter how high it already was.


Don’t judge.

To be a likeable freshman, you need to be someone others feel comfortable around. Do not judge someone for how they look, what they say, or how they act. Get to know them, and seek something to like in everyone.

Everyone has something they are self-conscious about, so drop a compliment here and there. Find something you really like about someone and tell them. People will want to be around you because you make them feel good about themselves.

Invite people to do fun stuff.

Plan things to do and invite different people to do them with you. Whether you want to do something everyone is familiar with or something you lead, people will appreciate being invited by you. Your freshman status will climb as your friendliness spreads because everyone likes being thought of and included.


You can do something as simple as go out to eat, or something as adventurous as leading a wilderness expedition. Invite at random and do different things, as this randomness and inclusion will make you very appealing. Whatever you decide, just make sure you are familiar enough with your chosen activity. Otherwise, you could lose freshman likeability by seeming to try too hard to impress.

How To Be The Most Likeable Freshman On Campus

Be willing to help.

If someone needs help with something, help them! Even if you cannot directly help, you can help find someone who can. And this extends to all on campus, whether it be professors or clubs or anything in between. When people see you caring and helping however you can, they will like you.


If someone needs help with classwork, a flat tire, or carrying their laundry, lending a helping hand will heighten your freshman appeal. Just make sure that whatever you do, you are doing it willingly and not because you feel obligated. Even by referring someone to someone who can help, you are helping them, so do not feel bad when you are bogged down by freshman classes and people are asking you for things. When you explain your situation and refer them to someone, they will understand, and maybe even help you in return!

Spread positivity.

The most likeable person is an uplifting person, so be the most positive freshman out there. When someone is down, lift them up. When someone is irritated, make them laugh. Even being a good listener and pointing out something good you heard in their rant can help turn things around for that person.

You have heard it before, but smiling can spread. Be happy and let it show. Tell people something you like about them, or give out pieces of candy. Being nice and positive is contagious, and your freshman positive self will have the whole campus feeling good and wanting to be around you. Of course, everyone gets down sometimes, so do not feel pressured to maintain a positive façade when you feel crumby. Probably, when this happens, everyone else will give you their smiles to help you as you have them.


Be a yes man.

Being a likeable freshman means putting yourself out there. If people invite you to do stuff, go! If a study group invites you to join, join! Whenever you can, say yes when people ask you to do something. Your freshman popularity will soar because of your willingness to participate in all sorts of things with all sorts of people.

Not only will you be the freshman everywhere on campus, you will also be doing a lot of interesting things and enjoying your freshman experience. Of course, accept invitations with a level of discretion. If something seems too shady, please say no. Also, make sure your classes do not suffer from your extracurricular activity, since you are paying for those classes and working towards your dream future.

How To Be The Most Likeable Freshman On Campus


Dress to impress.

Whatever your freshman style, rock it. Be confident in your style and go all out with it. People will notice and respect you for your strong sense of self. Also, it can be an identifier for you, increasing your freshman popularity.

Whether your style is refined, quirky, punk, or any other label on the attire spectrum, make it yours. Your style defines your physical self, so take the time to really figure it out and invest in it. Do not try to fit any mold other than your own, but make your mold polished. People will respond positively to it, as they can see you care about it by the time you must have invested in it when you got ready. Anyone can respect that.

How To Be The Most Likeable Freshman On Campus

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Don’t be clicky.

Joining a click can spell doom for a freshman’s likeability. Just because you get along with that group, it does not mean that everyone else does. Plus, joining a click will likely ostracize you from a portion of the rest of the college. How do you expect to be the most likeable freshman on campus if most of the campus has no idea you exist?

Try to remain a free spirit, conversing with all sorts of clicks without claiming one as your own. It is fine to hang out with clicks, but make sure you are changing up your click scene. On occasion, there are very social and popular clicks on campus, but they likely still have some haters. While you could possibly be the most likeable freshman while in this click, you could probably be even more liked out of it.


How To Be The Most Likeable Freshman On Campus

Keep your word.

No one likes empty promises. If you tell someone you will do something or be somewhere, stick to it. If you do not think you can keep your word when asked to do something, do not give it in the first place. Part of being a likeable freshman is being a trustworthy freshman, so make sure you make promises you can keep.

Since you are trying to be popular, you probably have a lot of invitations, requests, and appointments to keep up with. To avoid double planning, keep a planner with you at all times. Whether it is digital or physical, a planner will help you keep your freshman life in order and avoid having to let someone down.


Be known for a thing.

 You know guitar guy? He plays and sings on the quad at random times of the day. What about shoe guy? He has a shoe collection and always color coordinates his shoes with his shirt. Dreads girl hasn’t cut her hair in 10 years! If you have a unique talent, funky fashion, or a sweet ride, flaunt it. People will remember you if you have something uncommon or can do something most others cannot do.

Whatever your unique freshman thing is, make sure not to get cocky with it. It is a part of you, and leave it as such. If you get cocky, you may lose popularity, as you will expect people to notice your unique thing and obsess over it. People do not want to be around someone obsessing over the popularity of their own thing.

How To Be The Most Likeable Freshman On Campus


What do you think about these likeable freshman tips? Do you have any tips on how to be a likeable freshman that did not make the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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