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How To Be Single At Temple

How To Be Single At Temple

It is never easy to be single, but it is definitely never easy to be single when you are surrounded by people in relationships everywhere you look on campus. Take it from students who have been through relationship break-ups before you. Alrighty folks, I’ve got some vital information for you all here on how to be single at Temple. So if you are recently coming out of a bad relationship or just want to keep being yourself (readiness to mingle not required) keep reading!

I know how to be single at Temple from personal experience…

It’s more than appropriate that I be the one to write this article. I’ve been a single Temple student for about one year, three weeks, and six days now—not that I’ve been counting. I promise you, I can give solid advice.

Important note! If I say relationship in this article, I mean committed or casual. Free love and all that!

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

I say this, but I know you’re gonna wind up sweating it. I mean, you’re reading this article. It’s safe to say you’re probably in the midst of sweating it. Don’t. It is not hard to get caught up in insecurities, rejection, frustration (nudge nudge), and loneliness. You’re going to want to spiral into despair.

Pro Tip: Fresh Grocer has CONSTANT sales on ice cream so you’ll be well equipped for a self-pity party. You must resist! Not for any reason other than it’s wasted energy.

You may feel like everyone is finding ideal relationships and hooking up, while you’re left with your $2.88 Haagen Daaz. It is totally normal to feel lonely once in a while. It sucks, and when things suck you feel suckish. But there’s no point in wallowing in the suck (at least, for very long). Go grab some friends and see a movie at the Reel. Go sunbathe on Beury. Explore Center City. Don’t dwell! It’s easier said than done, believe me, but your self-worth is more valuable than everyone’s failure to see it.


Branch out and get to know the real you.

Being single is great for your time. There are a billion and one things going on in Philly and on Temple’s campus, and you’re free to explore them! This tip isn’t some ploy to lure in boys/girls/whomever you prefer by trying new clubs and sports and whatnot, it’s strictly for you.

College is about finding yourself, and it can be really hard to do that when you’re in a relationship. Being single can be really important in that case—you can get to know the real you.

Tips for how to be single at Temple:

Try acting with Temple Theaters SideStage.

Spit some poetry with Babel, volunteer in the community.

Or just find new places to chill (I highly recommend the Atrium at Annenberg or the little courtyard outside Presser Hall).

And (although I said this wasn’t a ploy to find a relationship and I meant it) getting to know yourself can help you gain more confidence and inspire you to try new things—new things that maybe other people (nudge nudge) may be trying too.

Do not let yourself settle!

You’re single for a reason—you haven’t found a person you can actually see yourself being with yet. That (as I said before) is not a bad thing. Your time is worth something. Your feelings are worth something. You are worth a great deal.

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Don’t waste your time–or anyone else’s for that matter—with people who you don’t honestly feel something for. Temple has a lot going on in a lot of places—parties, events at the Bell Tower, protests, games, etc. There are plenty of opportunities to meet people, but not necessarily the people you’re interested in.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t take chances, should have impossibly high standards, and reject everyone who isn’t love at first sight. I’m just saying that if you don’t feel anything for someone, don’t think you could feel anything for someone, or worse, feel obligated to someone to avoid hurt feelings, don’t settle. It’s a disservice to you and the person who’s pursuing you. You don’t want to force a relationship just because you want one.


Be sure to own it!

I really cannot emphasize this enough. BEING SINGLE IS NOT SAD. You can still have fun, have friends who love and support you, and be happy without a significant other. Your happiness should never be dependent on your relationship status. It can be affected by your relationship status, but not dependent.

It’s not healthy to live your life needing to be attached to someone else (wanting to be attached is an entirely different story). You shouldn’t be ashamed of your singlehood and no one should make you feel that way. If they do, you gotta channel your inner Beyonce and tell ‘em “BOI BYE.” (Boi being genderless in this case.)

Alright—those are my tips and tricks of the single trade. Do you have any to share?

What are your favorite ways of how to be single at Temple? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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