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How to be a Whole Vibe

There are so many people that we run into every day, and many times we pass by them, paying little to no attention. Other times a person walks by, or you casually stalk them from a corner because they have successfully passed the vibe check. There are so many vibes that can catch someone’s attention. I am not going to lie; it usually starts with attractiveness or an individual that looks kinda out there. Don’t lie; you know exactly who I am talking about. These people pull off a look that catches some form of amazing vibe that we, as onlookers, can’t help but notice. As I am sure you can imagine, there are a ton of vibes that are incredible. Some of the top ones are listed below, and maybe you can catch a whole vibe as well!

Starting with Plants

I don’t care what you say; plants are a whole vibe. With the rise of covid, there is a whole demographic of people who have started collecting plants to manage their inner turmoil. While many times vibes are perceived from a unique or different wardrobe, living space can produce just as much of a vibe. When you walk into a home and see beautifully organized, cared for, and loved plants, you know that person has totally caught a vibe. While many judge the individuals who are plant parents, others perceive the beauty of nature and consider it a part of the decoration. Creating a jungle in your living space is one way to vibe. Additionally, grabbing your best friend an iced coffee and hitting the local plant shops will make you happier than a seedling in the sun.

Trust the Ink

While plants have a whole moment for themselves, another vibe has to be tattoos. Tattoos largely were, and perhaps still are, considered unprofessional, rebellious, wild, and unwise. However, you can’t stop but notice the beautiful sleeve that took hours upon hours to complete. Tattoos are artwork, and well done tattoos can add to the vibe of a person in a very strong way. People with tattoos occasionally live up to the stereotype of wild, impulsive, and rebellious while also tending to be amazing people who live lives in a shockingly normal way. Amazing how some ink changes the way people are perceived. Either way, you can’t deny that tattoos create an aura of creativity, confidence, directness, and individualism, which of course, puts the inked-up individuals into a vibe category.

The Lesbians

While there are a ton of vibes that stand out, I think this category is one worth mentioning, especially as the lesbian community is one of the most underrepresented communities to begin with… Anyway, it is very likely you have seen this vibe around. There are a few main characteristics that complete this vibe. If any portion of an outfit is cuffed, a lesbian has likely been identified. By cuffed, I mean cuffed jeans or cuffed t-shirts. This vibe is often accompanied by a pair of vans or a similar shoe, a beanie, and, naturally, a flannel. Each item of clothing, of course, is different and unique to each individual, but if we are basing it on stereotypes, this is definitely the vibe. If you encounter a person who has statement rings, piercings, plants, tattoos, and a wavering sense of self-identity, you have found a bisexual.

The Hipster

Pretty much everyone is a hipster at this point, so I will take this category to the extreme. A hipster is an environmental nerd who composts and refuses to shop anywhere but goodwill. This individual wants to live out of an RV and travel the world to connect with themselves or become one with nature. Honestly, I don’t know how anyone can hate on this vibe because hipsters, while slightly entitled, are awesome. The main characteristics of these wonderful people are dreads, combating the societal norm of shaving, living their life as freely as possible, and genuinely caring about the world around them.

The Gym Powerhouse

You know when you see women in the gym, and they are lifting more than the guys are. All the guys stand awkwardly away from her, staring at what they could never accomplish. That woman is a total vibe. She has infiltrated a male-dominated industry and showed them all up. She works hard for what she wants despite the stares and sexualized commentary. She keeps the beats on and ignores the world because she knows that’s how you succeed. It’s not by the words you yell back at everyone else; it’s the quiet actions that silently whisper, “fuck you.” That woman shows up every single day and shows the dedication that many don’t have. She has seriously passed the vibe check.

See Also

The Coffee Shop

I am not talking a Starbucks here; coffee shops are a vibe within themselves. When you go to a coffee shop, you are there for the experience. Take pictures of your latte and post it on social media with a stupid sticker that says, “stay caffeinated.” Whatever. Coffee is amazing, so let the haters hate. While in the coffee shop, you likely notice there are a couple vibes to check out. While you might run into hipsters and plant moms, there is that person sitting in the corner with a book or a laptop, either furiously typing papers for class or broadening their minds with new information. This is the coffee shop vibe and potential caffeine addict. They look like they belong in the place they currently reside with a steaming tea or coffee. They don’t need to try for a vibe because they already have it.

Notice in this article how the average white girl is not listed. Who wants to look like everyone else. Honestly, just walk outside, and you will probably find one. Your vibe should be uniquely you. It should be built from multiple things that encompass the favorite parts of yourself and your life. Vibes can change, so be the most authentic version of yourself at that time and stop caring what others think. That is the ultimate vibe.

What vibe are you casting today?
Kaylee Dellert

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