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How To Be A Nanny For The Summer

How To Be A Nanny For The Summer

Looking for ways to make this an easy breezy summer? Here are tips to help you get through those long hot summer days with the kiddos as a nanny.

Are you nannying this summer and looking for ways to make this be somewhat the easy breezy summer you’ve been looking forward to? Here are some tips to help you get through those long hot summer days with the kiddos as a nanny.


Pay attention!! Even if you’re just dropping them off at camp or practice, don’t just drop them off silently – show interest. Showing an interest in their lives will make the kids happy which means great feedback to mom at the end of the day. When you take the kids to the pool or the park, participate!! Let’s say you take the kid or kids to the beach. You can catch some sun for a while and then go build a sand castle or take a dip. It’s the little things that count! Lastly, let the kids pick activities. I know it can be tempting to go to the pool everyday so you can work on your tan but remember these are the glory days of summer they will look back on when they grow up. Moms appreciate it more than anything when they hear about their kids being outside and active and not on electronics all day! That goes for you too as a nanny, you may not think the kids notice but they do and they will tell their mom if you are on your phone 24/7. It’s your summer too so try to enjoy it!


Creativity is key! Being creative and positive influences the little ones to tap into their creative side which can take them so many places. Make sure they know that anything is possible! If he wants to be a super hero let him know that he can be…


If you aren’t as creative as you’d like to be, there are other ways to be creative with kids by doing different activities. Those activities can be things you enjoy doing too such as; hiking, canoeing, picnics, water balloon fights, yard games, etc. There are so many different things to do in the summer, try to do as many different things as you can so the kids will remember how much fun thy had trying new things with their favorite nanny!

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Honesty is the best policy! These parents are putting their children’s lives in your hands so if something happens, you need to tell them. If a kid says or does something you know isn’t right but you don’t feel comfortable disciplining them, have a chat with the mom or dad privately. The parents will greatly appreciate your honesty and openness about their child’s behavior – it shows great responsibility and gives you potential to be invited back in summers to come. The parents are counting on you. Make sure the kids complete what is asked of their parents, don’t be late, and try to keep things clean because when you have children it is not easy to keep the house as clean as parents would like.



Those summer days spent outside can get very long so make sure you and the kids are getting enough water. As tempting as it is to get ice cream everyday, try to keep the kids healthy, don’t destroy their bodies with sugar and junk food all day everyday. Besides ice cream, you could get frozen yogurt, smoothies, fruit bowls, etc. This will keep both you and the kids happy and healthy for the summer. Not only will this give the kids the energy they need but they won’t get crabby from sugar crashes and nobody gets in trouble. This will also get you in the good graces of the parents as most parents really struggle trying to get their children to eat healthy.

Are you a nanny with some more tips? Share your advice in the comments below!
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