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How To Be A Complete Boss On Instagram While Hardly Getting On

How To Be A Complete Boss On Instagram While Hardly Getting On

Be a complete boss on instagram by engaging with your followers while also limiting your time on Instagram.

Instagram is the current social media fab for millennials that gives a photographic twist to social networking. Instagram gives uploaders the perfect platform to share their photos and daily life with their followers. Society continues to advance in technology meaning more people spend their day-to-day life stuck on their phones. Avoiding social media these days is hard but it’s doable. Here is how to be a complete boss on Instagram without hardly getting on.

Tarnish Your Need To Post On Instagram

To be honest, you are your biggest fan. Therefore, your posts are important to you meaning they are not that important to your followers. If you post on a daily basis than assume that your followers gather that you have nothing better to do. Enjoy living your life and take photos along the way. Every now and then login into your Instagram account and post something stellar to let your followers know you’re alive and breathing. Your followers will appreciate fewer posts rather than many.

Captions Matter For Every Photo

When you do get on Instagram to make a post, make sure to add a well thought out caption. This can be an inspirational quote, a lyric, or something over the top. My personal favorite is funny movie lines from a classic show. Try these cool movie captions that will bring a promising amount of likes to your Instagram post.


“Wax on, wax off,” from the 80s movie “Karate Kid.” Or take a note from Forrest Gump with his popular quote “Mama says, stupid is as stupid does.”

“Curly hair, don’t care!” Yes captions are what complete a photo. That’s even true in journalism.

Follow Pages That Endorse Positivity Or Knowledge

Don’t act like you never heard of friends stalking your social media accounts. Chances are if your friends are scrolling through your Instagram account than they look up to you or they want to know more about you. If your Instagram shows you follow an animal page than your followers feel safe to say you like animals.


Keep in mind this works both ways. If you follow disrespectful or hateful pages than understand that your followers will pick up a negative idea about your character. Here are some awesome accounts to follow that will show that you care about the world, communities, growth and living a productive life. Follow travel accounts like The National Geographic, or world news pages, and charities such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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Get Creative With Your Photos

Prove that you’re a complete boss on Instagram even though you hardly get on by making the occasional photo you post a stunningly pleasing photo. This eliminates the overused selfies, blurry photos, and random family and friend shots. The photo you choose should be aesthetic in the making. Great ideas would be you standing in a field of wildflowers, you and a friend posed together at Disneyland or a landscape silhouette shoot while traveling.


Thank Your Followers For Their Constant Love

To be a boss on Instagram you have to show some love every now and then. When someone compliments your photo throw out a heart emoji or give a thank you. Just making the effort to acknowledge someone will brighten their day and will have them commenting on your posts more often.

Being humble goes a long way. But keep in mind, living your life off social media will keep you productive and ultimately happier. When you’re happy you don’t need social media to impress your friends, you live to impress yourself. There is nothing wrong with taking a break or limiting your activity on social networking sites. Trust me you can still be a boss on Instagram if you follow these simple steps.

Instagram is a fun, creative platform but it shouldn’t consume your life. Limiting your time on Instagram or social media as a whole will make you edgy and a total boss on Instagram. Let us know in the comment section what your feelings are when it comes to Instagram.
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