How to Balance Studying and Friendships in College

College and University take up a lot of time. It’s hard work studying and getting good grades at a higher level so it might seem that even though you have friends you hardly see them even though you’d like to. Trying to find a decent balance between friendships and studying might be hard but here are some tips to help you get through it and have a balance that works for you.

Study Together

If you guys are in the same major or are taking the same classes study together. This is probably not what you thought of when you think of hanging out with friends but it works. This way you get to see them for a couple hours and finish your work at the same time. Having friendships in university means there won’t be as much time to do cool stuff together as you’d like but you still get quality time with each other and help each other out as well. After a study session, you can even order delivery so you can have dinner together and unwind and have a small chat afterward or watch an episode of your favorite shows.

How to balance Studying and Friendships in college

Drive to Campus Together

This works great if both of you guys have a morning class plus if you drive in one car instead of two it’s better for the environment. If you two having morning classes you can ask your friend to sleepover your apartment so they don’t have to wake up earlier. Sleeping is wasted time and with a sleepover, you put on that movie that you and your friend were dying to watch and no one has to worry about them getting too sleepy to drive or having to waste time driving all they back to their college apartment. This is also such a sweet way to show your friend that even if you guys don’t have a lot of time together you still value their friendship.

How to balance Studying and Friendships in college

Go to the College Game together

Yes, you guys are probably planning on meeting each other there but if why not just go their together. You guys can take turns driving there because a) you can save on gas and b) it’s better for the environment. Plus no one hypes you up like your friends so if you planned on wearing a cute outfit to the game they will give you that extra bit of encouragement that you might need. A football game lasts around three hours so in between cheering on your schools team you guys get to eat nachos and gossip together and catch one another up on what’s been happening with your life and how things are going.

How to balance Studying and Friendships in college

Walk Together

If you two have a class in the same building than walk to that class together and you could have a quick little catch up together. If you two both need a little afternoon pick me up it makes sense to walk to your favorite coffee stand together. You have to be able to find ways to hang out with your friends even if it’s not a huge chunk of time. Ten or so minutes is fine until both your schedules manage to relax a little for you to find more time to hang out. This is a nice time to enjoy the weather and ask each other for advice on little things like what to wear to a date.

Campus Events

Go to campus events together. Maybe there’s a guest speaker on campus and your best friend is going you should go to. Do charity runs together and volunteer together as well. If you’re trying to make your portfolio and resume look good for grad school so you are busier than normal invite your friends to make their resume or portfolio look better as well. Encourage them to do the 5k with you even if they end up walking half of it. Go together to donate blood or hand out food etc. This is a great way to prepare for grad school whilst being a good influence and managing to hang out with your friends, it’s a triple whammy.

How to balance Studying and Friendships in college

See Also

Snail Mail

Writing is a thing that lots of people use to do and since you’re in college you probably have a pen and paper lying around. Write a letter sure it might seem a little old school but imagine the smile on your friend’s face when they get a surprise letter from you. It’s really the thought that count and writing a letter doesn’t take that long. You can write a letter to your friend before going to sleep (kudos if you write it in your friend’s favorite color) add a sticker or do a little doodle and mail it the next day. Don’t let something like writing letters down. This is also a great idea to do to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Plus if you have nice handwriting this is a cute way to show it off.

Work Out Together

You probably work out considering that you might be living on coffee during the day and ramen at night. Staying fit is important and you and your friends probably spend at least one hour working out so why not invite them to yoga or say yes the next time they ask you to go to the gym with them. Staying fit and healthy is an important part of your life and it’s probably important for your friends as well so work out together. Compliment them on their new yoga pants and have them teach you how to bench or see who can do more push-ups. A little friendly competition as well could be really fun. Go purchase new exercise clothes if that’s your excuse for not working out and go for a jog with your friend to break in your new sneakers and see who can run a mile the fastest. Having a healthy lifestyle is all about balance so try to get a good mix of learning, friendships, eating, and mental and physical exercises.

How to balance Studying and Friendships in college

Hopefully, this helps you spend more time with your friends and see what works best with you and your friend group.

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