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How To Avoid People On Campus At Northeastern University

How To Avoid People On Campus At Northeastern University

Are you wondering how to avoid people on campus at Northeastern University? If you're trying to get away from people, check out these tips.

Northeastern is a school with 19,940 students. And sometimes you are avoiding one single person because of the awkward conversation you had with them over text or you’re not friends with them anymore…So here are some tips and tricks to avoid people on campus at Northeastern University.

1. The most basic and obvious option is to not leave your room.

2. But if you really have to go on campus…use the tunnel.

The tunnels are the easiest way avoid anyone you don’t want to see. But walk quickly because when it’s cold, the more people tend to use them.



3. Study in between the bookshelves at Snell if you absolutely positively have to hit the library.

Avoid the common areas on the third floor where people sit and drag a chair in between the shelf and get comfortable. No one is going to find you there because it’s not like anyone uses the books.


I personally think #3 is the best option but say you see someone walking towards you and you aren’t in the mood to talk to them.

Make sure your headphones are in your ears and put the microphone up close to you start talking. Just go for it. It may feel weird at first but it’ll be worth it. And after you do it a couple times, you’ll be a pro.


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5. But let’s get a little wild and say that they do come up to you and start talking to you while you’re on the “phone.”

What should you do? Get mad. Just get really really pissed that they interrupted you in the middle of this conversation that was so important. From that moment on, you’ll always have a reason to not talk to that person.


But in all honestly, just don’t leave your room. This is all part of college. Some days you just don’t feel like doing anything or interacting with anyone and that’s okay. Take a day off, give yourself some time, and when you’re ready you can use the cell phone trick or the book shelves.

Do you have any other tips for how to avoid people on campus at Northeastern University? Comment below.
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