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How To Avoid Armpit Stains This Summer

How To Avoid Armpit Stains This Summer

How To Avoid Armpit Stains This Summer

Armpit stains are unsightly, embarrassing and can happen to anyone, especially when it gets hot and humid outside. Whether you’re dealing with the yellow rings or the sweat stains around the underarms, here to help you find tips and tricks is our list on how to avoid armpit stains this summer.

1. Antiperspirant Vs Deodorant

Armpit stains, more specifically the yellow stains, happen when you use an antiperspirant that blocks sweat. These products usually contain aluminum along with other chemicals. When they mix with the minerals and salts in our sweat, they gradually produce those yellow-tinged rings on white clothes.

To help somewhat prevent this, try using an all-natural deodorant that is free of aluminum and other chemicals. It may seem a little hard to find one of those that actually work, but when you do, the difference will be well worth it!

How To Avoid Armpit Stains This Summer

2. Groomed Underarms

These next tips will specifically target avoiding wet stains around the armpit area. One way to prevent excess moisture is to trim or shave the hairs inside your armpits. Since the hairs trap surplus sweat, it can often lead to a swampy moist-feeling under the arms that causes stronger body odor. Bacteria thrive in tight, warm and damp spaces, so try and avoid this.

Also, completely shaved armpits tend to feel dryer and may make us believe we are sweating less. However, if rocking the unshaved armpits is something important to you and trimming just seems like a hassle, we have some other ways to keep you dry this summer.

How To Avoid Armpit Stains This Summer

3. Deodorant + Gold Bond

Another way to keep armpit stains at bay is to use your regular deodorant with Gold Bond powder. This will help ensure extra protection against excess moisture without the added stain-causing aluminum that is found in antiperspirants.

Not only will this prevent the wet rings caused by super sweaty armpits, but it will also help keep yellow stains at bay!

How To Avoid Armpit Stains This Summer

4. Colors and Patterns

A very effective trick to prevent armpit stains from noticeably peeking through your shirts is to wear super dark or super light-colored clothing. This trick not only works well but can also be tested beforehand so you know the shirt won’t expose you or your sweaty pits. Simply wet the desired piece of clothing with some water and observe if it blends into the material unnoticeably or if you can clearly see the wet mark.

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That will give you your answer. The same trick goes for patterned shirts and blouses, which are great for hiding bothersome and embarrassing wet underarms!

How To Avoid Armpit Stains This Summer

5. Botox

This next tip may seem a bit extreme and out of most peoples budgets. But trust me when I say you will not find anything else that rivals this sweat blocking procedure. Though quite an investment and usually the last resort for those who have a real problem with excess perspiration, getting Botox injected underneath your arms is one of the closest things most of us will get to magic.

Simple and relatively painless, this treatment can be done in under 10 minutes. It takes between two to seven days to reach full effect, lasts from four to fourteen months and basically blocks the nerves responsible for activating your sweat glands. As mentioned above, this procedure can be costly and isn’t always covered by insurance, yet at the same time is highly effective and can drastically change your quality of life.

How To Avoid Armpit Stains This Summer

Will you be trying any of these tips to avoid armpit stains this summer? What did you think of our list? Let us know in the comments down below!

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