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How To Avoid An Awkward Double Date

How To Avoid An Awkward Double Date

Having an awkward double date can really suck. That being said, there are definitely ways for you and your partner to avoid it.

The double date is something couples either gravitate towards or run away from. It seems like there are so many rules or hurdles to jump over when it comes to planning a successful night out. Whether you’re going out with old friend or new friends, here are some techniques to avoid an awkward double date.

1. Don’t Force It

Sometimes couples are on different levels in a relationship. Maybe they’re the veteran and you’ve just made it official, how do you know when it’s the right time for a double date? If you find that it takes multiple canceled plans and travel arrangements, chances are it’s too early. This is likely to turn into an awkward double date and then you’ll probably never meet up again. Everyone wants to share their significant other with their best friends but maybe take some time first!

How To Avoid An Awkward Double Date

2. Choose A Mutual Activity

A common pitfall that many couples fall into is the it doesn’t matter to me response to a double date. This results in one half choosing how the night pans out and this may not always end in a positive experience. If you want to go bowling, say you want to go bowling! Don’t say it doesn’t matter then get upset that you ended up on an awkward double date window shopping instead of going bowling. Chances are you have mutual interests and you can come to an agreement easily. Why suffer through an awkward double date when you can have a say in what’s fun?

How To Avoid An Awkward Double Date

3. Keep It Casual At First

Once you have decided on a mutual activity, get through the night first before making future double date plans. If you start off as going clubbing or an extravagant event, chances are the double dates are going to be few and far between. This creates a situation where you will feel obligated to attend something you were never truly invested in. The point of a double date is to have fun with your friends and your partners not to spend money that you don’t have!

How To Avoid An Awkward Double Date

4. Have An Open Mind

Table conversations are where things tend to get awkward on a double date. You aren’t sure how much your friend has told their partner and you do your best to not expose any confidential information. The best way to avoid awkward silences of hushed voices is to keep the conversation light. This doesn’t necessarily mean strictly small talk, but it does entail that maybe you should share that embarrassing story about when you first disagreed for another time. You are getting to know each other, and you want to see if you mesh well as a group!

How To Avoid An Awkward Double Date

5. Do Your Best To Not Make Anyone Uncomfortable

Sure, you may pack on the PDA when you and your significant other are out, but this is not as appealing to everyone else as you think it is. You may be meeting your friends’ significant other for the first time and nothing is worse than trying to have small talk while they’re all over each other. Expressing your love for each other is definitely a positive but maybe avoid a situation like That 70’s Show (don’t be Kelso & Jackie making out in the backseat while Eric & Donna sit awkwardly).

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How To Avoid An Awkward Double Date

6. Have A Good Time

Whether the double date is awkward or not, remember that these people are important to you. Also note that just because you have a successful double date, that doesn’t mean you all have to hang out all the time. Take a chance and see what happens!

How To Avoid An Awkward Double Date

Here’s hoping for flowing conversation & good memories on your double date. Have you ever been on an awkward double date? How was it for you? Tell us in the comments!
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