How To Ask For A Girls Number At The Bar Without Getting Immediately Rejected

There are plenty of dos and don'ts to asking for her number. Read up on how to ask for a girls number at the bar without getting immediately rejected.

There is no magic formula for asking a girl for her number. (Although, I am sure plenty of people wish there was such a thing!) Even though there is not one sure-fire way, there are definitely a few don’ts. So before you go out, read up on how to ask for a girls number at the bar without getting immediately rejected.

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Break the ice.

Treat it almost like an elevator pitch: you have 30 seconds to make a good impression. You will know pretty much right off the bat whether or not this girl wants to talk to you. If you are starting to get the feeling that she doesn’t want to chat, then definitely don’t force it.

Chat her up.

Once you have gotten past introductions, one of the most important parts of how to get a girls number is to get a good conversation going. You might only have a small window of time to work with, so use it wisely. Crack a few jokes and ask her the basics, you really cannot go wrong if you nail those two things. If she doesn’t seem into it, however, know when to walk away.

Don’t wait too long.

If you wait too long, she might think you aren’t going to ask her. Ask her while you are feeling confident in the conversation.

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Don’t ask too quickly, either.

“Can I have your number?” should not be the first thing you say after introducing yourself. Asking too quickly honestly might come off as a little shady, so wait the appropriate amount. Again, ask when you are feeling confident in the conversation, that will be when you are most likely to get a yes. If you don’t have good footing, you will be headed for a rejection.

Don’t use a cheesy line.

If that is the sense of humor you are picking up from her, then fine, go for it. But using a cheesy line will come off as, well… cheesy. Be sincere, and be direct. A simple “could I grab your number?” will be perfectly breezy enough. The worst she can say is no, and you won’t be beating yourself up for using some silly line.

What are your tips on how to ask for a girls number at the bar? Tell us in the comments below!
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