How To Approach A Girl At The Gym

Effectively picking up a girl at the gym is a challenge harder than the workout itself. I’m sure you’ve wondered how to approach a girl at the gym. Let me be the first to tell you all those articles about the right way to pick up a girl at the gym are bullshit. You seriously believe becoming a regular, not complimenting her body but her outfit instead, asking for help and planning your timing properly is going to get you on the ins? Wrong. Simply put, if you are asking yourself how to approach a girl at the gym, don’t. For all of you fitness gurus, girls don’t want to be bothered when they are at the gym; at least a majority of us don’t anyways. Here’s why you don’t want to approach a girl at the gym.

She’s Sweaty.

No girl finds themselves to be attractive when their face is flushed and they are dripping sweat.

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The Gym is Already Uncomfortable for Women.

The gym is already a super creepy place for women. Several of us feel uncomfortable being stared at in our leggings and tight outfits. Even if we’re people who wear baggy clothes to the gym, we don’t want you starring at us; eff off. Women already feel as though they are being objectified; 63% to be exact.

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We’re At the Gym for the Same Reason You Are.

What do you think this is, social hour? We are there for the same reason you are: to get ourselves in shape and feeling good. The gym isn’t a place we go to be hit on. In fact, if you are thinking about how to approach a girl at the gym, remind yourself you most likely wouldn’t want to be interrupted during a workout.

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