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How To Apply To The Right Internship After Graduation

How To Apply To The Right Internship After Graduation

How To Apply To The Right Internship After Graduation

The freedom of graduation comes with it the fear of “What’s next?” For most of us, the answer is, “I have no freaking idea”. Most jobs now require experience with your degree and finding the right internship for you can be tough. But don’t lose hope; you will find that internship even if you need a little guidance during your search. Here is How To Apply To The Right Internship After Graduation.

Take a Break To Think

You’ve been in University for at least four years. You deserve a break…and some sleep. After catching up on all those sleepless nights take sometime to think. Think about what you really want to do with your degree, what your goal for the long run is and how you think that can be achieved. Doing this can help narrow down the type of internships you apply making it easier to decide.

How To Apply To The Right Internship After Graduation


University is a great way to naturally have made connections with professionals in your field. Especially professional relationships you made with professors. Ask yourself if there was anyone you met in University that could potentially set you up with the right internship or even help provide guidance on the matter. Even some friends that may have had an internship while in school could help with some connections or at the very least pointers.


If there wasn’t anyone that you met in University able to help you out, networking is your best friend. You’d be surprised at how many networking social events actually exist in your area with a quick google search. Check back with your university, they may hold these networking event. Making connections with professionals gets your name out there and increases the probability that you’ll be set up with the right internship, or at least with the chance of applying to one.

Build Your Resume

Building your resume will help you get all your thoughts in order. It’ll also help you remember all the amazing qualifications you forgot you had. Think about your experience critically and how you can apply those experiences to internships in your field. This will help to compare your skills with the requirements on the internship posting.

How To Apply To The Right Internship After Graduation


Indeed  is a great resource for finding the right internship. It is a platform that allows you to search for postings in any location you want. There are filters for the type of job, hours for work, location, and whether or not it is unpaid or paid. It also allows you to upload your resume directly to the website for an easy apply. Not to mention you get notifications through email for new job postings you may be interested in.

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Apply To Everything

It’s easy for new graduates to underestimate their skill level especially because you’re headed into unknown territory. Just remember it never hurts to apply. No matter if you feel under qualified, apply for that internship you love. You never know, a lot of companies like new graduates because they’re a clean slate and malleable to their needs. Use your newbie-ness as an advantage.

How To Apply To The Right Internship After Graduation


When finding the right internship, it’s important to make sure that the company is trusted and loved by current and past employees. Glassdoor, like Indeed, is a platform to help aid you in your search but it also allows employees to leave their comments on their job experience at the company. Very good companies will get a certified status so you know they are trustworthy.

What are your go-to techniques for finding the right internship? Will you be trying any of the above after graduation? Let me know in the comments below!

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