How To Apply Fake Eyelashes Like A Pro And Look Natural

Here is how to apply fake eyelashes and have them looking natural like an absolute pro. These lashes will make your makeup routine much more simple.

False lashes are a big trend right now, whether they’re natural or full glam, some people wear them everyday and some only on special occasions. If you don’t understand the hype over them than you haven’t tried them because they finish off your make up look so perfectly. If you’re scared to try them or have no idea what you’re doing then that’s okay because here is an easy to follow fool proof step by step on how to apply fake eyelashes. I would recommend you reading this through once before you start applying then reading it again as you’re applying them.

Things you need:

Eyelash curler




False lashes


Lash glue (these may not always come with your lashes so it’s a good idea to check when you’re buying them)

How To Apply Fake Eyelashes Like A Pro And Look Natural

STEP 1 – Curl your lashes

The first step for how to apply fake eyelashes is more important to you if you have dead straight lashes which are hard to curl with mascara, if your lashes are easy to curl with mascara then you can do this just not as much. So all you have to do for this first step is curl your lashes with a lash curler but not too much or they’ll go straight up and make it harder to apply the lashes.


STEP 2 – Put mascara on

Now grab your mascara and apply as you normally would, not too much because you don’t want it getting clumpy. This is just so that the lashes have a proper base to lay on and to help combine your false lashes to your real ones so it doesn’t look like you have two sets of lashes on one eye. You want to let these dry before you start applying the lashes and glue, to save time you can work on other parts of your face.

How To Apply Fake Eyelashes Like A Pro And Look Natural

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STEP 3 – Measure your lashes

The first few times I wore lashes I skipped this step because I was too scared to ruin them, but I just ended up looking a little stupid. Before you cut them you have to measure them, so once your mascara has dried you have to place your lashes on your eye where you want them and see how much you need to trim off. When trimming them always do it from the outer side because the inner corner part has been designed to have shorter lashes to make it more realistic. If you’re scared to do this then only do a little at a time and keep checking it on your eye to see how much more you have to cut off, if you cut off too much there’s nothing you can do about it.

STEP 4 – Apply lash glue

Once you have measured the lashes you have to apply glue to the band, try not to get it on to the lashes themselves, aim for the band that holds them all together. And don’t apply too much, only apply a light amount. Do not apply them onto your lashes straight away, wait around 30 seconds for them to go tacky. Do each lash at a time and don’t rush.

How To Apply Fake Eyelashes Like A Pro And Look Natural


STEP 5 – Apply the lash

Once the glue has gone tacky you have to apply the lash itself (finally!). To do this you have to lightly lay it down on top of your real lashes just to see where you want it, then slightly lift it up so that the lashes are sort of facing up and push the lash band back to your lash line. When you have it in place you have to press down the lash from the inner corner side first then work your way out wards. I know all that sounds complicated AF but if you read that twice before attempting it you’ll understand what I mean better. After doing that you want to give them an extra pinch, try not to push the lash down too much so pinch them upwards if that makes sense.

STEP 6 – Finishing touches

To finish off how to apply fake eyelashes add an extra layer of mascara to your lashes to help combine them and add mascara to your lower lashes. By now you should have flawless looking lashes making you look amazing.

Do you have other ways on how to apply fake eyelashes? Let us know in the comments below!

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