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How To Add Modern Into Your Dorm Room

How To Add Modern Into Your Dorm Room

New school year, new dorm room! Moving into your new dorm room is one of the most exciting parts about going back to school. Buying a new comforter, a cool lamp, or revamping what you already have are all ways to modernize your room this year. If you’re looking to get some new decor or change up your dorm room aesthetic, the modern style is a good one to go for. 

From furniture to lighting to the art on your walls, here are some things to think about when adding modern into your dorm room.

1. A Simple Desk

Desks are absolutely necessary in dorm rooms this year. With so many students working from home and taking online classes from their dorm room, having a simple, sleek and organized desk is a must. 


When looking for a modern desk, less is definitely more. If you’re really working towards the modern look, try a desk with limited drawers and shelves. Instead, add your own book holders and small shelving units on top. That way the desk doesn’t look too cumbersome and you can more easily customize what you want surrounding your work space this year. 

Many dorm rooms, however, already have desks included. Plus, taking away large desk storage space isn’t possible for most dorm room-livers. If this is the case for you, try to modernize your desk in a different way. Bring a fun light-up sign, or some tin, glass, or other simple pen and pencil holders. If you want to add a little more, get a succulent or other small plant to make your dorm room work space feel that much more at home. 

2. Edgeless Mirror

Mirrors are another dorm room must have. Though you might not need to check and make sure your first day of school outfit is flawless (because online classes allow you to simply avoid that nerve racking step), it is nice to have the mirror when you need it. Plus, it helps to open up the room and reflect some light, making your probably super small dorm room seem the perfect size. 


Mirrors can be very clunky in a room too small, though. So be careful with what mirror you choose for your dorm this year. A nice way to stick with the sleek and modern theme is to bring a frameless mirror. These mirrors are easy to hang and don’t distract too much from the rest of the room. Instead of standing out as a decor statement piece, it might blend in and more seamlessly open the room. 

Try out an edgeless, infinity, or small framed mirror for your modern room this fall. 

3. Muted Color Scheme

The color scheme is everything when designing your dorm room. It’s tempting to go for the brightest, most fun and vibrant comforter on the market. But while these colorful comforters are great, a modern dorm room might be more easily achieved with a muted color scheme. Grays and whites are the best colors for modern decorating. And they’re colors you won’t get tired of, too! 


For your comforter, find something that is simple and sleek. That way at least your side of the dorm room will have a touch of modern living; and even if your roommate doesn’t go for the same colors, the two sides won’t conflict (gray goes with just about everything). 

4. Pops of Color

Now, just because you’re keeping it modern with base colors of grays and other neutrals does not mean you can’t spruce it up with some color. In fact, pops of color are a great way to make a modern space feel a little more homey. Especially when living in a dorm room, it is crucial that you feel at home in your living space. So choose your favorite color or something you think would look nice in the space you’re given.

Once you have decided your base color and accent color(s), decide how you want those accents to come through. A great way to add a pop of color to your dorm room could be through pillows, throw blankets, or signs or photos on the wall. 


5. Industrial Lamps

Industrial decor is a great way to keep modernity in your living space. One way to transition a not-very modern dorm room into a modern space is industrial decor and furniture, like lamps. Lamps can display an industrial aesthetic in many ways. For example, a circular head or a light bulb shape on its own. 

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Dorm room desks are often not very stylish pieces of furniture. So circular lamps are a cool way to make the desk look a bit more modern while also providing a much needed light source.

6. Geometric Shelves and Storage

Storage is by far the most difficult part of most dorm rooms. Not only are the rooms usually super small with limited closet space and little to no shelves… but two or more people live there! That means many individuals’ things need to be stored somewhere when they’re not in use- from clothes to socks to books and miscellaneous items (because we all have far too many of those). To account for this much needed storage space, shelves and baskets are a dorm room must-purchase if you want to keep your space clean and organized. 

Geometric Shelves are a fun way to organize in a modern and stylistic way. You can use these shelves as wall decor and also to hold things you don’t need. 


If you want some geometric storage space but can’t hang up a shelf, geometric floor storage units are also a fun addition to any dorm room. Boxes, bins and floor organizers can store your charging cords, extra water bottles, hair accessories or even overflow clothes from the (very small) closet space. If you want to keep your snacks in easy reach, these storage units can be used for dry snacks too! Like the shelves, geometric storage units are also a good style addition to a used-to-be-boring dorm room. 

Decorating a dorm room can be super exciting. But it can also be super overwhelming. When you are decorating your dorm room this year, keep it sleek and modern with the tips listed above if that’s the aesthetic you’re going for! Not only are these tips great for a modern look, but are also really functional. 

What style are you emulating in your dorm room this year? Is your dorm room modern? Colorful? Earthy with more plant babies than you can count? Let us know in the comments below!
*featured image thanks to House and Home.