How to Achieve Your Dream Career

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In scrubs and a white coat with a stethoscope around your neck? In a suit, working at a law firm? Singing and performing gigs?

Well, whatever career you want to pursue, there are some qualities to process to avoid burn-out and feel ready to conquer the prospective field.

1) Motivation

Motivation is extremely for anything in life- sports, desires, school, and work. It is important to wake up every moment except the day has to offer, and ready to conquer all of your endeavors.

This specific behavior will allow you to keep desiring to pursue your career, even though you might have to endure 4 years of medical school. You need to think about the bright side and be proud of all you do in order to achieve your goals and be the best version of yourself.

Remember: motivation becomes routine after a while, so even if you have down-days, it will be ingrained in your lifestyle and your person for the long-run.

Be happy about all your achievements—past and future.

2) Hard-Work

Now, I know I said passion is important, but you must remember that it will not be easy, and it will require perseverance and desire.

You must have a good study ethic, a solid resumé, and organization skills that will get you to that point.

The number one thing to do is to get rid of excuses— “I can’t”, “I’m too tired”— forget those statements, fill your brain with positives, and think about all the doctors and lawyers who did just dad— removed the toxicity and told themselves to work hard, and work smart.

Remember, you should find something that doesn’t require too much work, and something you love, because if you only focus on working— you will get burnt out very quickly.

3) Make connections

This one is super important— you must make connections with people in your school, your desired field, and those willing to help you. Get recommendation letters from your teachers, even if you are a freshman in their first college semester— start early.

If you have people that you left a good impression on, and they know you are reliable, you will always be in the back of their minds when it comes to work or volunteer opportunities. You could also put down these people of trust on your resume, as references for the future.

In either whatever field you chose it is important to know people that can recommend you, and get your name out in the open.

4) Steady your ship

Remember— life, school, work, and achieving your future career is not a race but a marathon, so slow your roll, take a breathe, and make sure you save energy for the finale of the race.

Steady yourself in a healthy manner— being well-organized beforehand, and not wasting energy on useless things that do not make you happy or fulfill your desires.

Pace yourself, and remember how important it is to get the simple things right. Always, always strive for a positive balance between work, school, healthy, stimulating exercise, your passions, a healthy diet, and most importantly- a social life, and familial relations.

5) Plan ahead

More often than not, you have to plan things—whether classes, or schedules, meetings.. whatever it may be, it needs to be planned beforehand, and sometimes even years before. Take the example of medical students, who must plan tier undergrad in an organized way so they manage to take all their pre-requisites, study for the MCAT, and achieve their degree plan and major.

Think about the route you would like to take, set up a plan, and stick to it. Of course, if you fall out of a desire, you can re-start the plan: small set back for major come back.

Have goals- write down what you want to achieve, and in what amount of time, break this down to a week-by-week schedule. Make it as detailed or as brief as you want, make two serious or career-focused.

Remember, good intentions give you good focus.

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6) Reward yourself

Positive rewards are important, you need a break from hard work any way you can. Whether taking a daily bath, or indulging in a rom-com book to allow your brain to rest, or it can be going on holiday every few months— you need self-enjoyment.

It is important to take care of your mental health, and do whatever it is that makes you happy in order to maintain a steady pace, and avoid getting brunt-out.

As you get closer, and closer to your dream career you will begin enjoying your achievements more and more. Working so hard to fulfill your ambition deserved daily and weekly rewards and indulgence in activities that you enjoy with people that you love.

7) Be passionate

When you love something, you do everything in your power to get it or achieve it— you work 10x harder than you think and do all you can to be the best version of yourself when around people in that field. being in love with your career, will naturally make you more passionate about and inspired to reach your career faster. You will constantly research your possibilities to become better, smarter, and get there faster.

Being passionate will allow you to go further and beyond what is required— your passion and desire wills and out to those interviewing you or testing you.

Love what you do, and do what you love, because that is how you try to achieve your dream career.

We all want to be the best versions of ourselves, in our desire career– so let me tell you one thing: go for it, you are good enough! I want to see us all in white coats, or in uniforms doing what we love. 

My personal calling in the medical field and I’m going to do everything I can to get there– so you should too!

Let’s make moves, and fulfill our desires!

Dont forget to comment and share some personal advice you have for people.

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