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How To Achieve The Wet-Lip Look This Spring

How To Achieve The Wet-Lip Look This Spring

Wet-Lip Look, How To Achieve The Wet-Lip Look This Spring

This is an on trend look for spring, and since seeing on the runway, everyone has been trying to replicate it. This look is more than just a lip gold look, it an be paired with lip sticks and other colors and we’re all wondering how we can recreate this look ourselves. This look has been so popular that it even has been replicated for eyeshadow looks. The wet-lip look is such a great look for spring and super easy to achieve. 

1. Hydrate

Hydrating your lips will always be the first step and to do you, you need to stay hydrated. If you want the wet-lip look, you need to wet your lips by drinking water. Drinking water will keep both your lips and skin looking healthier because its hydrated. On top of that, hydrating your lips with lip balm or moisturizer will be sure to create the most hydrated lips you could achieve. If you’re going outside having something with SPF is vital to making sure your lips stay healthy hydrated. Keep a water bottle with you throughout the day to help you keep track of your water consumption. Drinking water and staying hydrated is vastly important for so many things but it’s the best way to ensure your skin and lips stay hydrated. 

How To Achieve The Wet-Lip Look This Spring

2. Exfoliate 

One of the other ways to keeping your lips hydrated is to exfoliate and get rid of the dead skin. You can’t just hydrate over top of dead skin, you have to get the dead skin cells off first and then you can hydrate the fresh skin. Lip scrubs are everywhere and you can get it from basically any drug store or makeup store, but this is also simple to make at home. DIY lip scrubs can be made with anything from coffee grounds to sugar. Doing this at least weekly will ensure that your lips stay smooth so you can create that wet-lip look. But depending on how dry your lips are and what season it is, you may have to exfoliate more often. Having a few different kinds of lip scrubs will be key to making the wet-lip look.

How To Achieve The Wet-Lip Look This Spring

3. Vaseline

Vaseline is one of the best products out there for hydration for both your skin and lips. I put this on my lips every night before bed and every morning I wake up and I can still feel some on my lips. It hydrates my lips overnight but it’s also an easy way to create the wet-lip look. Vaseline looks like a lip gloss but isn’t sticky and unlike lipgloss, will hydrate your lips while giving you the look you want. I have tried every kind of lip product out there for hydration, from Burts Bees to EOS but nothing is more hydrating than Vaseline. There are different kinds specifically formulated for your lips, but normal old Vaseline will work out just as well. I have both kinds, I keep the tinted ones in my purse and the regular at home for right before I go to bed.  Vaseline also comes in many designs specifically for lips, some are even tinted so these are great for achieving that look. 

How To Achieve The Wet-Lip Look This Spring

4. Lip Gloss

The best way to achieve the look is to get a good lip gloss, you can find these anywhere but Glossier has without a doubt some of the best. Lip gloss is an essential for every girl, but finding the one that really create the look you’re going for can be hard. Pair it with vaseline to make the look last longer and get in some hydration while doing it. Neutrogena has some that will also hydrate your lips, unlike most that just dry them out for a great shine, the Neutrogena brand will hydrate and give amazing shine. 

How To Achieve The Wet-Lip Look This Spring

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5. Lip Oil

Lip oils are not as common as all the other kinds of lip products but these are great to wear along with the other lip products. Any makeup store or drug store will carry them, you just have to look harder to see them, they are very similar looking to lip glosses. Other places like Pink carry them and they are game changers, they smell amazing and there is a huge variety in what each of these different kinds have to offer. Theses will hydrate your lips, unlike gloss but still give that glossy look, without the stickiness. These can come in all kinds of colors so you’ll want to stock up on a few. These are a great alternative to lipgloss and still give you the perfect look.

How To Achieve The Wet-Lip Look This Spring

6. Lip Masks

Lip masks come in several forms, they can be like a sheet mask where it can be a quick hydration just like a face mask. Or, you can get a stay on lip mask, these can come in tubes like a lip gloss, just put it on for a few hours or leave it on overnight for extreme moisture. If your lips need an extra boost this will help bring them back to life. These are essential for winter time or if you’re prone to allergies. They also are great if you’re someone who also wear lip stains, it will help refresh your lips after the intense dehydration.The benefits of the lip masks that come like a sheet mask is that these are quick intense hydration. These are great for traveling, throw them in your carryon and use it when flying. Your lips get insanely dry when up in the air so these will give them some intense hydration which is much needed. The other kind of lip masks are usually longer lasting, putting it on before bed and sleeping in it or just while doing chores at home you can let it sit longer than the sheet kind.  Lip masks can also give your lips that wet-look but give an intense hydration.

How To Achieve The Wet-Lip Look This Spring

How are you achieving the wet-lip look this spring? What are your go to hacks for pulling off this trend? Comment below and let us know what you think of this trend!

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