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How To Achieve The Clean Look

How To Achieve The Clean Look

Have you ever seen those girls who just simply look clean? Like, they’ve got their life together, lacking of any mess, hair sleeked back, the perfect outfit on, and wears the most amazing smelling perfume? While you woke up late, slipped into whatever clothes you first saw, hair looking wild, and are running around with a fierce look in your eye? If you’ve ever wished you could be like the cool, calm, collected confident, and clean type of girl, we are right there with you. “The Clean Look” as we like to call it, is achievable for everyone, even if inside you’re an anxious ball of energy. We’ve acquired the secrets to achieving this look, sharing them all with you below!

Natural Makeup 

The first secret we are going to unlock to help you achieve and master The Clean Look is the no-makeup, makeup look. A natural makeup look is the route you want to take when getting ready for the day. It’s essential to first have a solid skincare routine. It is important to find the right products for your skin type. A trustworthy cleanser, exfoliator, and a hydrating moisturizer are the products you’ll need, at least, to have a good base for applying makeup. Now for the makeup itself. You’ll also want to keep it light with the products you use. A minimal usage of makeup products is just right for the look you are going for. Light coverage foundation, or tinted moisturizer, a little bit of contour and blush. Naturally filled in eyebrows and mascara, are just the right amount of products to be using to keep it natural, and finish the no-makeup look. A full face of glam and cakey foundation base is not what we’re going for here. A light, dewy look is. 


Sleek Styled Hair 

The next step you’ll need to take is taming that rat’s nest we call hair that probably so many of us wake up with in the morning. Loose curls, beachy waves, a slicked back bun like Kendall Jenner’s iconic one, or a classic claw clip are all great hairstyles to wear when trying to reach The Clean Look. Healthy, shiny, glossy hair is the ideal hair state we are going for. Seemingly effortless curls are our favorite way to look clean and put together in a simple, minimal way. Try to go for the curls in the picture below, we love how her hair is so voluminous but effortless. Ugh, we wish we could have hair like hers!

Minimalist Outfit 

When it comes down to it, the outfit is the core of successfully achieving this look. What we don’t want to do is mix patterns, wear too many different colors, wear loud graphics, and go down the Y2K route. The Clean Look is all about keeping it simple. And a minimalist outfit is just the way to do that. Minimal yet fashionable. Stick to simple patterns, if any, two to three colors, wear the basics, and basically no graphics. One outfit option you could opt for is a white tank, a black leather blazer, jeans, and black boots. Simple but has potential to be a chic outfit. The next outfit you could go for is a two piece leisure suit in the color beige with matching pointed heels. If you are a businesswoman, then this is the perfect outfit for you! Or you could go with an outfit like the girl is wearing in the picture below. A white tee tucked into a long beige skirt with simple white sneakers. We love this look as it sums up just what we mean by minimal yet fashionable. There is something so stylish about wearing just a few pieces but making it look so well put together. It’s also really easy to pull an outfit like this one together. Pretty much everyone has their basics or go-to clothing items in their closet, wear those and accessorize to bring out its fullest potential. 

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What makes a good outfit a great outfit? That’s right, accessories. Accessorizing is essential to achieving The Clean Look. Don’t pile on the chains, rather a few dainty pieces of jewelry is just right to go along with your outfit. A nice necklace, a couple bracelets, rings, and a watch is just enough to wear for this look. Sunglasses are another nice accessory to add to this look as well. Keep it simple by choosing a classic brown or black pair to match with your minimal outfit. The next accessory that can really pull the look together is your handbag. Choosing the right one should be pretty simple. Don’t choose a loud handbag that will distract from the minimal look you are going for. Rather, a shoulder bag is the perfect handbag to carry with The Clean Look. A shoulder bag, or maybe even a tote bag, adds a level of sophistication yet simplicity that matches the aesthetic that you’re going for. There’s just something about a simple handbag that screams you have your sh*t together. 


A whole section dedicated to perfume is necessary because perfume is just the cherry on top to this entire guide to achieving The Clean Look. Have you ever walked past a girl and thought to yourself or a friend “Wow, her perfume smells so good” and you have to stop her and ask her what it is that she is wearing. If you’re the type to get stopped and asked that question, then you’re already set for this secret to The Clean Look. Perfume is the invisible charm that takes a look to another level. It’s your secret weapon. Not only will people turn their head in your direction for your whole aesthetic, but perfume is such a strong enchantment that truly attracts people’s attention, whether you want it or not. The right kind of perfume is something not too strong, but also not too light. You want it to be in that sweet middle zone where it’s not overbearing but barely noticeable even by yourself. Some perfumes that we recommend are any from the brand Ouai, oh how we wish they would bring back Mercer Street (please Ouai!), Chloe Eau De Parfum, Marc Jacobs Daisy, and Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana. 


If you’ve followed all of these steps, congrats! You’ve achieved what we like to call The Clean Look. It’s almost like a new way of self care. Making yourself feel confident in your skin and accentuating your beautiful features is just one great reason why we love this look. The attention is on you!