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How to Achieve the Best Natural Makeup Look

How to Achieve the Best Natural Makeup Look

What is Natural Makeup? In a world filled with lip kits and makeup tutorials, the coolest thing you can do is not much at all. Transform your life by aiming for a natural gaze rather than a caked storm. not only will it help your self confidence, but it will set your acne free. Here are some of the best ways to achieve the natural makeup look, which products to use , and which celebrities are killing this trend right now.

Glossier is the way

If there’s one brand that knows what they’re doing in helping their customers achieve natural beauty through makeup, it’s Glossier. Everything that Glossier sells is light on the skin, made for sensitive skin, and is perfect for everyday wear. An essential for that natural makeup look is the Future Dew. The Future Dew is one of their best selling products and acts like serum making you shine from a mile away. It doesn’t look or feel heavy, and instead brightens every completion. The boy brow and lipsticks are also great products that serve the girls who don’t like the feeling of wearing makeup, but want a little something to enhance their everyday look. The woman who started Glossier in 2014, started as a website called Into the Gloss. This site acted as a sharing platform for beauty secrets and what they loved, which inspired the creation of the Glossier brand. The brand itself was build around what people loved about beauty products and what they were looking for. There are only a couple of Glossier stores worldwide located in Atlanta, D.C., London, Los Angeles, Miami,  and Seattle but all products can be found online.  Overall, Glossier products feel more like a second skin rather than makeup. 

Milk Makeup Magic

Milk Makeup Cosmetics is another brand to purchase to get that natural makeup look. Milk’s philosophy is build around the ingredients that they then turn into effective formulas. Their easy to use makeup is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. Some great products to snatch before it’s too late include, the Hydro Grip Primer, Lip and Cheek Tint, and the Bionic Glow Illuminator. Milk does a great job at making the products easy to wear, apply and purchases. There are many options as a Milk customer including makeup packages and first time shopper discount codes making the products affordable accessible to the vast majority. 

Down the Right Rhode

Next we need to talk about Hailey Bieber’s new skincare line Rhode. Hailey build this brand around the idea of shining like a glaze donut. She is a great example to follow to get the natural makeup look, and her own line makes it easily for us to follow in her footsteps. From skin care to lip care, Hailey offers a few selected products and models for the line herself. Her personal Skin Journey inspired her to create a line that keeps the skin happy and hydrated. Her brand is committed to scientifically proven formulas, simple honest ingredients, affordable products, and a minimal footprint to create products that are environmentally friendly. Hailey is one of the celebrity influencers paving the way for natural makeup trends, showing us that less is more. 

Natural Queen Alicia Keys

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When it comes to the natural makeup look our queen Alicia Keys comes in first place. Her natural beauty shines bright as she attends events and red carpets with not a touch of makeup on. She tends to put more focus in her outfit and hair while keeping her face beautifully bare to not distract from the rest of her look. Up until 2016, Alicia Keys had been wearing makeup since age 16, and said that it was a really big part of her life. After a natural photoshoot in 2016 she decided to stop wearing make up indefinitely because in recent years she had gotten too caught up in wearing it and her appearance overall. She wanted to make a stand for women and encourage their natural beauty. This movement inspired songs on her album Here, where she posed all natural for the cover. To this day she still doesn’t wear makeup and has become known for how naturally beautiful she is. 

Bella is the Blueprint

Not only was Bella Hadid named the most beautiful woman in the world according to scientists, but she is also one of, if not the most influential women of our generation when it comes to fashion and beauty. The supermodel frequently posts bare selfies embracing her natural makeup. Her day to day makeup routine focuses more on skincare than makeup itself. She has a way of looking effortlessly stunning and tends to draw a focus more towards her body and outfit rather than her makeup. Her most used makeup line is Dior, which may be expensive for the average person, but if you put natural beauty and makeup as a priority these products will last you a long time. I predict a skincare/ makeup line of hers launching in the next couple years. Bella is a blueprint in the world of beauty and living proof that you do not need a lot of makeup to look beautiful. 

Less is More, More is a Bore

Alicia Keys, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Hadid are just a couple celebrities that have paved the way for the natural make up look, eventually taking over social media. Posting a selfie completely makeup free is seen as a much more beautiful post than a full face of makeup. Less is more is finally in after decades of blue eye shadow and sparkles. As you scroll through your feeds you’d be surprised at how many more influencers and models are not wearing make up compared to the number that are in the majority of their posts. Our biggest tip? Use natural products, wash your face regularly even if it’s just with warm water, and know that you don’t need a lot to look or feel beautiful. 

Miliana Adams

I am a 22 year old student at Depaul University living in the heart of Chicago

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