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How To Achieve That Perfect ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look

It seems strange to purposely apply makeup, to try to look like you don’t have makeup on. Believe it or not, ‘no makeup’ makeup looks are all the craze right now. Sometimes we want a break from the heavy products of more glamourous makeup looks. Maybe we’re running late to class or an important meeting, or the occasion calls for a more natural look. Very few people can boast naturally perfect skin, arched eyebrows, and full lips, and natural makeup is a great way to highlight your complexion and put your best face forward for the day. These tips will help you achieve that perfect ‘no-makeup’ makeup look!

1. Skincare

The first step in achieving the perfect no-makeup look is taking care of the skin underneath the makeup! The key to a flawless complexion is moisture. Investing in a hydrating skincare regimen can help you achieve that soft, natural glow you want. 

Washing your face in cool water with gentle cleansers is a must. Hot water tends to dry out the skin, leaving your face feeling tight and cracked. Maybe invest in a hydrating face mask or other hydrating serums. Snail mucin essence is a personal favorite to achieve that dewy glow. 

Sunscreen is essential! You can never be too conservative with SPF. Adopting sunscreen into your daily skincare regimen will protect your skin from harmful sun exposure. It can also help treat hyperpigmentation and lighten dark marks or acne scars, reducing the need for heavy foundations in the first place. 

2. Conceal

A more natural makeup look may call for you to forfeit your favorite foundation. Heartbreaking, I know. Foundation works to even skin tone and provides a base on which you can apply other makeup products, making it perfect for more full coverage, glamorous looks. However, if you’re not careful, your foundation can crease or become cakey, both things you want to avoid when attempting a more natural makeup look. It can also be quite time-consuming to apply. So, if you’re in a rush, a foundation may not be your best bet. 

Ditch the heavy foundation and opt for a light concealer or tinted moisturizer. With concealer, you can target and conceal any prominent blemishes or dark circles without excessive foundation application. Blend in with a finger or a small concealer brush for a fresh, even complexion. 

You can also try a color-correcting cream. Its lightweight formula can conceal redness and other blemishes while moisturizing the skin. It can be worn by itself or as a primer to another concealer or lightweight foundation. BB creams are also worth looking into. Similar to CC creams, BB creams moisturize and even skin tone, but they also contain various vitamins and moisturizers that can benefit your skin. Both products have sheer finishes, making them ideal for that No Makeup look.

If you absolutely cannot let go of your foundation, try to find one with a medium to sheer coverage rather than full. Even better if you can find a foundation with SPF included!

3. Lipgloss or chapstick

Lipgloss and chapstick are the perfect alternatives to lipstick to add a bit of color and shine to your lips. The perfect glossy lip or red lip stain is the perfect way to seal off your no-makeup look.

A tinted lip balm or chapstick would play up the natural color of your lips to make them more pronounced. Tinted Lip balm is very low maintenance compared to lipstick and can be applied liberally throughout the day for both color and moisturization.

Lipgloss is also a great option, as gloss erases any fine lines and wrinkles for glassy and hydrated-looking lips. You can also have the best of both worlds by using a tinted lip gloss with some sheer color in it. 

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4. Natural Eyebrows

A little bit of eyebrow grooming is essential to maintaining your no-makeup look. Using a spoolie, brush your eyebrows upward away from your face. The slightly disheveled look is what you should aim for. There’s no need for heavy creams, pomades, or powders. Simply use a clear eyebrow mascara to add definition and volume. If your brows need a little bit of filling in, you can also use a tinted eyebrow mascara in a color similar to or just slightly lighter than your eyebrow color. For even more definition, a few swipes of an eyebrow pencil will do the trick. Not too much is needed though. Penciled-in eyebrows can quickly become overbearing when paired with a natural look. 

5. Creams

Creams are much more natural-looking than powder products. After an all-night study session or an unfortunate hangover after a night on the town, creams are the perfect products to add some much-needed color and vitality to your face, leaving you looking dewy and refreshed. They melt right into the skin and are relatively easy to blend. Any no-makeup look is incomplete without a bright cream blush or a shimmery cream eyeshadow. 

Cream or liquid blush is the secret to those perfect rosy cheeks or a natural glow. Liquid blush imitates the natural flush of the skin for a long-lasting, natural-looking glow. Apply to the apple of the cheeks with a finger or a damp makeup sponge for that perfect flush to complement your skin. 

Eyeshadows, while not required, can elevate your no-makeup look to the next level. If the world of huge eyeshadow palettes, conflicting colors, and blending brushes are too complicated and intimidating for you, cream eyeshadow may be more your speed. Cream eyeshadow is not only quick and effortless to apply, it provides beautiful, long-lasting color to your eyelids. Dab the product over your eyelids a few times with a finger or a blending brush, starting in the middle before gently moving outward. If you want to get more complicated, you can compliment that eyeshadow with other cream or powder eyeshadows. If you prefer a softer, more simple look, you can stop here and apply a little mascara to the eyelashes to top it off!

These tips can be your preliminary guide to minimalist makeup. They will have you glowing effortlessly! Do you have any special tips to achieve that natural ‘no-makeup’ makeup look? Let us know in the comments!

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