How To Throw The Perfect Darty In Boston

Happy Darty (day party) Season! It’s not that hard to throw a good darty, but so many just seem to miss the mark. Don’t let your dager (i.e. day rager) be sub-par[ty]. Whether you are a student at Northeastern, or any other school in Boston for that matter, it’s important to know some tips for how to throw the perfect darty in Boston! Here’s a list, try not to fuck it up.

The darty scene around Boston:

Mission Hill AKA “The Hill”

Mission Hill is where mostly all of the darties happen. Be prepared to walk at an incline-a lot- don’t wear any high heels or uncomfortable clothing!

Hillside, Parker, Parker Hill, St. Alphonsus, Alleghany, etc., are all streets on The Hill where most people live and darty in their backyards.


Another good location for a darty are the rooftops. Rooftops that are particularly the best include (but are not limited to) Gainsborough St., Hemenway, St. Stephen’s, Westland- all streets near Northeastern University.

Want to tailgate?

If there is a tailgate to be at it would have to be a BC or Harvard tailgate. Universities in Boston without football teams don’t usually have any tailgates. So look out for these teams, and you’re in luck!

Tips for how to throw the perfect darty in Boston:

1. Pick a cool theme!

It’s easy – pick something like Swimsuits and Hawaiian Shirts or America. Don’t pick something that people won’t want to dress up for. I’ll go to your toga party, but no way will I wear a toga, (unless I’m your best friend) because #effort.

2. Remember: A darty in someone’s yard is much better than inside a stuffy house.

It’s still warm out, let’s enjoy it before it’s Boston Ice Age again. Extra points for a roof, deck, or bonfire.


3. Have games set up before your darty starts.

Things like Beer Pong and Flip Cup are not optional. Cornhole is also #festive and #seasonal! If you want to be legendary, throw in some water balloons and try not to break an iPhone.

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4. Lots and lots of alcohol are necessary.

Beer and Jungle Juice. If you want to go the extra mile, do jello shots! Or toss some marg mix into Rubinoff and call it a Tropical Shot. Who cares, we just want to be drunk.

5. Good music is absolutely required at a darty.

It’s pretty simple, if you play things like “My House” and “The Next Episode,” people will be happy. If you let freshmen hijack the aux cord to play Fifth Harmony for an hour, people will not be happy.


6. Snacks/food are a huge plus.

This is really the extra mile. If you have food at a party, people will love you forever. Barbecuing at a darty is even better. Feed me, I’m poor and drunk.

What other tips would you give someone as to how to throw the perfect darty? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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