How Thick Became The New Thin

In America, beauty standards fluctuate from ultra-thin supermodels like Kate Moss to the big bosomed Kate Upton featured in Sports Illustrated. Even though nearly every high-fashion runway is still flooded with stick thin models, social media and popular culture is saying that skinny is out – and now thick is the new thin.

And no, not the healthy average American women that have curves and cellulite, I’m talking Kardashian style curves, manufactured and manipulated by elite fitness trainers, photo editing skills, and some high-priced plastic surgery.

Not many would argue that a more curvy women should be advocated for in the beauty industry – but is the new thick really better than the outdated thin?

What you might notice about Insta-famous celebs with millions of followers is that they have all the booty and bust without any of the cellulite, rolls, or jiggle that most of us associate with curves. For us mere mortals you can’t have six-pack abs and a butt worthy of breaking the internet.

Before any fitness gurus come for my neck, yes, you can build a body that has a bit of both. It takes years of dedication, top-notch nutrition and a few hours in the gym per week, but it’s possible.

But is it the wide renowned “slim thick” that most girls glimpse in daily Fashion Nova ads?

Most likely, no. That’s why bada** women with A-game fitness don’t often appear in fast fashion ads or on the cover of coveted magazines. The fashion and beauty industry profits off selling something that is essentially unattainable for most. While it shape shifts and changes over the years, it never becomes any less harmful to the confidence and image of the average woman.

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Yearning for Gisele’s narrow waist or Naomi’s slender arms was certainly detrimental to the health of many girls, but that’s not to say that trying for Kim K’s bubble butt is any better. The super slender supermodels of the era past have their diet down to a science, but more often than not haven’t gone under the knife to achieve the trendy Coke-bottle body shape.

Not to say that I’m opposed to plastic surgery entirely – if it makes you more confident in your skin I’m all for it.

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The issue I have is with celebs who parade it as natural while peddling it to massive audiences.

Especially with FaceTune at every turn, it’s hard to know what’s real and what is manipulated to meddle with our minds. They might not mean to, but with their faces and bodies plastered all over the internet they should be more conscientious about the implications of their latest Insta post.

Let’s celebrate that the supermodel slender look at every Victoria’s Secret show is being called out – but not forget that the new age curvy shouldn’t be our new body standard either. Both don’t allow for deviation from the norm, whether it be a beautiful body with rolls or one that’s all muscle and toned.

Show us women like the ones we know, women like ourselves. Show us every shape, size and ability, because lord knows most of us don’t look like Kate Moss, or Kim Kardashian. Some brands have broken the body mold that others specialize in – including actual (and attainable) body diversity. Let’s promote products and companies that are breaking down barriers for what “beautiful” means.

Is the new thick better than the old thin? Comment your thoughts down below.
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Quinn Gawronski

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