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How Southern Colleges ‘Do It Better’

How Southern Colleges ‘Do It Better’

How Southern Colleges 'Do It Better'

You might be wondering what it is about southern colleges that lets them ‘do it better.’ From LSU to Auburn, all southern colleges have their own popular and unique traditions for both students and alumni to remember. Even more than that though, there’s something about southern colleges that sets them apart from any other types of colleges.


Okay, this one had to be said. There’s nothing quite like the surge of students you see on southern colleges during a game day. In fact, the majority of student’s downtime in the Fall is spent thinking about this classic sport. Whether it’s asking around to find tickets or shopping for the perfect crop-top to wear to the hot and sunny game, football is certainly nothing to laugh at.

And to be honest, we KNOW why Alabama won so many national championships. Southern colleges don’t exactly shy away from tossing money towards sports scholarships or coaches. As long as our teams keep playing exciting games, we’ll show up as early and eager as possible to yell the Alma Mater.

How Southern Colleges 'Do It Better'

Cleaning up nicely

Maybe it’s the culture or maybe it’s peer pressure, but for some reason everyone seems to dress up especially nicely when visiting southern colleges. Anyone who plays a sport from a southern school can testify that wearing suits on a game day is a pretty common thing that happens.

Ladies, you aren’t slacking either. Who else knows how to curl your hair so that it lasts in 75 degree weather? Finding the perfect setting spray so your makeup doesn’t melt off in the humidity was child’s play, nobody can mess with you. Those interviewees better watch out, someday that practice walking up and down the bleachers in heels is going to pay off.

How Southern Colleges 'Do It Better'

Acting polite

Touring southern colleges is like having the red carpet rolled right out for you, ESPECIALLY if you’re from the north. You’ve never heard so many people actually say “yes sir” or “yes ma’am” in your entire life. Total strangers will call you miss or honey and ask if you need help with anything.

It can be a big culture shock, especially when the man working at the grocery counter offers to carry your groceries out to your car. Still, there’s something to be said about how nice it is to feel so appreciated and recognized. Just be prepared to do an awkward half-jog when that guy at the door holds it open for you from more than ten yards away.

How Southern Colleges 'Do It Better'

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Warm weather

So listen. We all know that shoveling snow is nobody’s idea of a good time. With southern colleges you don’t even have to think about snow until you’re on the plane home for winter break. Isn’t it so great to go to school in a place where “Can we have class outside” might actually turn into reality?

How Southern Colleges 'Do It Better'

WILD parties

Now, while you might think that this contrasts with the last one, it’s actually totally believable for a community to be both 100% polite and fun. The venues for these parties sometimes look like honest-to-God mansions that you can get lost in. Southern colleges are stocked with ping-pong tables, live music, and as many easy-going strangers as you’re looking to meet.

There’s also variety based on the kind of parties you prefer. Fraternities are great if you’re looking to get loud, dance, and have a good time. There also isn’t a shortage of house parties certain clubs host which can be a lot less crowded and a little more low-key. Whichever parties you choose to go to, there’s no denying that southern colleges make for an exciting campus to be on during a Friday or Saturday night.

How Southern Colleges 'Do It Better'

Why do you think southern colleges have more fun? Attending a southern college is a unique experience you’reĀ  likely to never forget.
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