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How Paranoid You Are About Coronavirus Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How Paranoid You Are About Coronavirus Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past six months, we’re pretty sure you know what the Coronavirus is. Find out how badly your paranoia will be based on your Zodiac sign!

1) Aries- 40% Paranoia Level

Aries, you are a natural leader and nothing really tends to scare you. However, you need to constantly be kept busy, so the idea of being quarantined for two whole weeks is a touchy subject for you. You do a great job with thinking on your feet, and you’re extremely quick-witted, so you’ll be able to keep a clear mind amidst all this chaos. It won’t be the Coronavirus that makes you paranoid, but a two-week forced vacation may put you a little on edge!

2) Taurus- 20% Paranoia Level

Taurus, you are incredibly practical and people depend on you to stay that way! You know better than to buy in to all the BS surrounding the Coronavirus, and you strictly stick to the facts. The one thing that gets you going is all this drama! It’s enough to definitely put you on edge, so just avoid all unnecessary conversations until this whole thing cools down. You are extremely patient, so waiting this virus out doesn’t scare you one bit, but the change in your stable and reliable routine might throw you for a loop! Stay calm by finding one thing that can remain constant and steady for you, and take comfort in that!


3) Gemini – 30% Paranoia Level

Gemini, you LOVE your information. Gathering all the facts is something you live for, and it’s one of the things you do best. Just be careful and vet your sources! Sometimes too much information can be a bad thing, and you could end up freaking yourself out more than you should. Make sure your info is coming from someone or somewhere you trust, and keep that optimistic attitude! You and your friends are going to need some glass half-empty spirit pretty soon!

How Paranoid You Are About Coronavirus Based On Your Zodiac Sign

4) Cancer – 10% Paranoia Level

Cancer, you think this whole Coronavirus thing has been totally blown out of proportion- but you don’t care. You spend just about all of your time at home to begin with, so two weeks without leaving your house sounds a-okay to you! But, it’s not you that you’re concerned about. You  are a family person through and through, so if you freak out at all about this virus, it will be because you’re worried about the safety of your family and friends. Just make sure to stay in touch with those close to you and remember to keep your cool, Cancer!


5) Leo – 6% Paranoia Level 

Leo, you love your attention, and all this Coronavirus talk is giving you an opportunity to strut your stuff, so tbh you’re not really that phased. But before you get up on your soapbox, remember that there are lots of people who are scared out of their minds, so make sure you use all that attention you’re getting to help calm the ,ends of those closest to you.  We know this may be a challenge for your prideful spirit, but your ambition and courage will win out in the end. Your constant need to always look out for your loved ones will be in full swing, so don’t freak out once you realize this may not be something you can protect them from. Swallow your pride and be that natural leader everyone is in search of right now!

6) Virgo – 95% Paranoia Level

Virgo, you are in TOTAL panic mode right now. You hate making a scene, so instead of letting everyone know you’re secretly freaking out on the inside, you choose to stick to that calm and cool exterior you love to display. You are OBSESSED with keeping everything clean, so you’ll be scrubbing the house, your clothes, your hands, basically night and day. Take our advice and tell someone! Bottling up all those feelings is never good, and it’s best to let someone know before you reach melt-down status. So call your mom, your best friend, your therapist- anyone who can help talk you down!

How Paranoid You Are About Coronavirus Based On Your Zodiac Sign


7) Libra – 10% Paranoia Level

Libra, you love when things are in harmony with one another, so the fact that things are out of whack is really throwing you for a loop! You are a team player, and you’re the first one to understand that everyone is going to handle the Coronavirus pandemic in their own way, so you will most likely be the go-to for anyone who is struggling to come to grips with their current situation. Use your famous empathy and your mediating skills to make sure everyone feels comfortable and safe. Your family is definitely going to need it if they have to spend two weeks shacked up together. Your notoriously level-headed, so we know you’ll handle this with pure elegance and charm (as always), but just remember- not. everyone can be as level-headed as you!

8) Scorpio- 100% Paranoia Level

Scorpio, you are a very intense person, and everything you do is always at 100%. You love your family, and you have a strong need to always defend yourself. All of these factors will combine to create the perfect Coronavirus storm. Find that person that keeps you grounded, and make sure they do NOT leave your side- for your sake, and the sake of everyone else who has to deal with you on the reg! You’re going to need that one person that can literally calm you down in just about any situation right about now. Just remember… not everyone is out to get you, and this will eventually end!

How Paranoid You Are About Coronavirus Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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9) Sagittarius – 2% Paranoia Level 

Sag, your love for exploration and trying new things basically ensures that you will be living your nightmare for the next few months with all the travel bans and businesses closing. But you are not one to give up, and you always seem to have an abundance of loved ones near. Grab the ones closest to you, put your noggins together and get brainstorming! We have no doubt you will certainly come up with something fun and exciting to keep you and your fam pre-occuppied and calm!

10) Capricorn- 60% Paranoia Level

Capricorn, you are a big fan of structure and order, and you have a big problem accepting that not everything is under your control, so all this chaos surrounding the Coronavirus has you on edge. You also have a tendency to be pessimistic and negative, so you’re most likely thinking the world is on the verge of a zombie apocalypse right about now! If you can manage to remind yourself that not everything can happen the way we plan, and find a good friend that always seems to see the best in every situation, you just might be able to pull through on this one!


11) Aquarius- 15% Paranoia Level

Aquarius, you naturally enjoy seeking out the truth, so you know all the facts about the Coronavirus, and what to believe and what not to believe. You know you’re going to be fine in the end, but you’re also a true extrovert, and the possibility of being locked up for two weeks is a bit nerve-wracking for you. Just keep telling yourself it won’t be forever and stick to the facts! 

12) Pisces- 2% Paranoia Level

Pisces, you are easy-going, understanding, and compassionate. You are there for anyone who needs support right now, and you understand that emotions may be running high. You live to please, and you can adapt to just about any situation. You are calm, cool, and collected and you will be the guiding light for anyone in your life who may be struggling right now. While you may not be freaking out, you get that everyone handles situations differently. What would we do without you, Pisces?!

How Paranoid You Are About Coronavirus Based On Your Zodiac Sign


How did your sign measure up to the Coronavirus? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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