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How Not To End Up Like Your Parents

How Not To End Up Like Your Parents

How Not To End Up Like Your Parents

The goal in this era is to not end up like your parents. We watched them grow and unintentionally dissected their love for one another at a young age. The energy between two people can be felt in a room. When mommy wasn’t happy, daddy knew it and then the whole house wasn’t happy either. As far as most households go, the mother is the head and the father is disciplinary. Then, there is the fact that your parents want so much more from you as you grow up. Maybe they didn’t have much or get the support they needed from their parents and they’re trying to push you.

How Not To End Up Like Your Parents


From my experience, there are some parents out there who did not finish college. Usually, they distill a strict educational mindset in their children. You must understand that they only reason your parents are hard on you when it comes to school are that they didn’t accomplish want they wanted to do and they’re trying to make sure you understand the value of education. They’ve been through the turmoil of not having a proper degree in order to really get the job they want. Everyone’s parents are different. Maybe your parents were fortunate enough to finish college and have the career they needed in order to support the family. The end result of reasoning is the same; furthering your education can get you more opportunities. For some of you, don’t end up like your parents and not further your education because take it from them, they’ve experienced the consequences.

How Not To End Up Like Your Parents

Relationship/ Marriage

Shout out to those whose parents are still together in their twenties. Where I am from, parents like to split up when the kids are grown and out of the house. In the beginning, I spoke a little about the relationship and how even as children we can tell if mom and dad are doing well or not. It’s an intuitive thing when you’re around people for so long. Some of our parents do not end up together in the long run and us as their children, we must learn from their actions; not to fall out of love at the same time or, if you are no longer in love, not waste more time and leave. Blessings to those if your parents are still in love with one another. It is a beautiful thing. You can also learn from what they are showing you as well; never give up on the one you love and remember why they fell in love in the first place. That’s how to not end up like your parents


I get that everyone is not the same when it comes to financial upbringings. There are some parents who have done well for themselves and established a firm and comforting foundation for their families. Then, there are some people whose parents did the best they could with what they had and couldn’t give their children everything. Either way, I hope both upbringings teach you the value of being humble because it is necessary. Whether you come from a wealthy or a poor upbringing, paying attention to how your parents handle money is a must. You see first-hand what to do with it to make it stretch or to make it prosper. As you grow older, whatever mistake they made, you’ll move differently to not end up like your parents.

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How Not To End Up Like Your Parents

Love for You

I don’t care if you were born rich or born into poverty, we do not choose our parents. There are many situations out there where the children don’t have a good relationship with their parents or vice versa. To not end up like our parents is to change that mentality when you have children. If your parents didn’t love you the way you needed, then love on your children when you have them. Learn from the trauma and be careful not to dwell in the mess and become bitter. Break the cycle.

The point to not end up like your parents is to learn from each and every mistake they have made while you were growing up. What are some things you feel are needed not to end up like your parents? Comment down below and tell your stories. Until next time, see you soon.

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