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How It Actually Feels To Become A Senior At SJU

How It Actually Feels To Become A Senior At SJU

I sit here waiting for my final grade of my junior year to be entered and it hit me… I’m a senior now. Wow. I never thought this would happen. How does it feel to become a senior? In one word: bittersweet. I know, everyone says that. But since this isn’t a photo essay then one word will have to do. I’ve been in school as long as I can remember and now that time is actually coming to an end. This is for real. I only have one year left until “real life”. But what does that mean? Why am I scared to be a senior at SJU ? Keep reading to see how it actually feels to become a senior at SJU and see if you can relate!


You feel anxious to start the end of your journey as a senior at SJU.

I am undeniably anxious to start the end of my journey. I’ve had this specific routine of school for so long that I don’t really want it to end. I like knowing that in September I will go back to St. John’s and see all the friends I’ve made over the years and have the potential to meet new people. When I graduate, what will become of literally everything I’ve ever known?


You are uncertain of everything but ready for a new adventure all the same.

Though I don’t do well with uncertainty, I am so ready to take on this new adventure. “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all”. This quote by Helen Keller sums up not only life, but college specifically. Every year lends itself to a new challenges and experiences, so I expect senior year to be no different.


You want to grab hold of every single career/networking opportunity possible.

I suppose I should say that I’m nervous for what happens after senior year, rather than being nervous of what senior year actually holds. I chose to go to school in New York because of all the opportunities that would be available at my fingertips after graduation. Senior year is when I will figure out if that statement will actually hold true. Being a successful college student is stressful, but so is transitioning into the real world. My professors at St. John’s have given me some valuable tools to jumpstart my career and I’m both nervous and excited to utilize them.

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You realize that everything isn’t as intimidating as it seems.

I need to realize that it’s really not as intimidating as it seems. By now, senior year, it should be the easy part. I know how to succeed in school and who to talk to so as to ensure success after school. It’s all a matter of doing it. I got this.


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