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How I Bonded With My Roommate With UNT UPC Events

How I Bonded With My Roommate With UNT UPC Events

My roommate and I met the day we both moved in. We had briefly texted a week prior about the topic of personal space and microwaves but that didn’t seem like a great start that would lead to us hanging out a lot. Later on, I found out she had the same thought process as me about our relationship but our icebreaker was thanks to UNT UPC. They created a space for a great friendship of two girls having┬áthe best time together and realizing how similar we are, to start. A month in and the University Program Council has exceeded my roommates and my expectations. Their events can liven up any roommate relationship. The equation is simple some effort and free time + UNT UPC event = lifelong friendships and unadulterated laughter.

How I Bonded With My Roommate With UNT UPC Events

Movie Nights in the Lyceum & Outdoors

Ever wonder why dates begin with the movie rather than the dinner? It’s so you have something to talk about if the conversation ever lags during the dinner. But this idea can apply to any relationship, especially between roommates who are still getting to know each other.

You and your roommate have the option to meet up at the Lyceum or the park when the movie starts but why not grab food to take in the movie beforehand. Having the best time between friends almost always includes eating and wearing comfy PJ’s. UPC includes different genres and blockbuster movies like Avenger: Endgame, Aladdin, and Yesterday.

There are way too many opportunities to mention, but attend one of UPC’s UPCinema if you and your roommate/s have finished studying or need a good 90-minute excuse to procrastinate. Attending class in Lyceum Hall with 400 other students in the morning then going back at night to wind down and relax seems like the perfect representation of a college student.

How I Bonded With My Roommate With UNT UPC Events

Free Shirts, Water Bottles and Adopting a Succulent

Attending events solo or with a group always has benefits. Grabbing free items and walking out with what you wanted is a war story and you are your own hero. Being surrounded by other relatively-broke college students, a limited number of free items all while pamphlets and flyers are being passed out all around you can be intimidating and sometimes we don’t always get lucky. However, having a buddy by your side making sure you each get your size shirt before they run out tests trustworthiness, selflessness, and loyalty. Between you and your roommate, you can talk about what you want, whether it is a T-shirt, reusable straw or food to help look out for each other and makes sure to have smooth tactics to get the goods.

UPC understands that we, broke college students, come in flocks if there is something free. But when they set up a tent to adopt a succulent, they had another thing coming… People stood in a line from the library mall that ended close to the street. I was one of those suckers who waited in line with my roommate so we can adopt a little cute succulent plant to liven up our dorm. It was worth it just for the sake of having a cute little green living succulent that we got together.

How I Bonded With My Roommate With UNT UPC Events

You Get a Free Shirt, You Get a Free Shirt, Everyone Gets a Free Shirt!

They may not hand out hundreds of succulents to students but there will always be something, free especially shirts. You gain a shirt and fun and slightly scary moments with your roommate. The ultimate college thing a person can bond over is the fact that we are all broke and will accept free things.

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Sober Karaoke (It Happens) & Live Music

Want a glass to break, listen to me sing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. I don’t have the talent to sing and have told myself that I am not allowed to sing in public unless I am in the car with friends and the music is on maximum volume. I broke my own rules when going to the syndicate, a safe haven you might say. They have karaoke nights with students like yourself who lack judgment and just go to have fun. Going with a roommate builds the relationship by being vulnerable with each other if you do or don’t have stage fright. An extra step would be finding a song together and singing a duet like Troy and Gabriella from HSM. Would Troy and Gabriella have three movies follow their love lives if they bowled with a group? No. Just like this couple who instantly formed a bond, other relationships can have the same results. Facing your fear is great. Like singing in front of an audience but when there is someone by your side, you can be your bravest self.

Say you aren’t in the mood to sing or see the attempt of others, you can go and see professional live music for free in the syndicate too. Enjoying some Fuzzy’s Taco or bringing your own food and studying while watching good live music is a luxury that we will one day miss. Being with friends and getting to see some good music for free is something my roommates and I do constantly. It is a time to wind down in a setting where we can talk freely with absolutely no awkward silence.

How I Bonded With My Roommate With UNT UPC Events

Be Open-Minded

People are so unique and wonderful. You and your roommate can be total opposites with different beliefs but just being open-minded is the biggest attribute needed in every relationship. Having the UNT UPC Events Calendar, which is also online, is a great source for having fun. There are a million ways to connect with your roommate so why not go out and explore the campus at the same time instead of staying cramped up in the dorms or library.

UNT constantly has events going on and friends at other colleges will be envious to see you and your roommate attend movie nights, bubbles fest, karaoke in the syndicate, grabbing free school supplies, T-shirts and more. What UNT UPC Events have you gone to with a friend?

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