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How have Social Media and Fashion become Best Friends

How have Social Media and Fashion become Best Friends

Social Media and Fashion have become Best Friends quick, real quick. These two are one and the same, the Fashion uses Social Media to showcase itself and make its brand evident to the population of followers.

Creating Brand Awareness

The latest way that brands are using social media to measure their brand awareness is by doing simple and easy measurements. If a brand decides to send out e-mail surveys or surveys after making a purchase on their website or through a third-party app would be ideal for understanding how the customers truly feel about the brand. In time this would really help the brand build relationships with said customers and reach out to reward and thank those who support the business. You are also able to use different applications like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Snapchat to measure how many times your brand’s name is mentioned in someone’s stories or posts that they may make about the brand. This is something that is quickly done with a website or monitoring tool, making sure that you are up to date on this is crucial so you can see who your customer base is, and what they like to see from you. Once you understand what the consumers or followers want to see from you then you will be able to create content that you are able to monetize off as well as maintain your brand awareness on social media.

Brand Awareness

Connecting with the Audience

Everyone wants to be able to connect with an audience, this is a way for you to build followers and with that, you are able to build an income. Connecting with your followers is important this is how you are able to build a relationship with them, by replying to the messages that they sent you and comments that they leave will help you create a “cult following” which is important if you are trying to build a successful brand. When you get personal with your audience, it shows that you are only human, and you are more than just a business. Being able to connect with your audience on a personal level can help your business success especially when it comes to social media. The best way to measure your social media following and connection with your audience would be to have a constant increase in followers every single day, as well as an increase in shares and saves on the social media application. When you go live or post videos of yourself ranting or talking, this is a great way for you to let the public see you vulnerable and in the moment. This will just show that you are able to have a connection with the followers and will increase the chance of them wanting to have a connection right back with you, which in term makes them a long-term follower.


Expedites the Designs and Sales

Fashion with the collaboration of social media has truly expedited the designs and sales of fashion tremendously, we are able to directly connect with the brand itself on social media, and the brand is able to post their designs and products directly to us where we can then purchase said items. All of this can take 5 minutes for a consumer to purchase your product from the social media website or application. When you follow, the brand or store on social media you are following them to see what they are all about, as well as wanting to purchase their products or even subscribe to their content and get to see a more personal side of the company and or influencer, social media has helped this process go from zero to one hundred. The most popular way to shop for some brands is through social media or an online application like SHEIN, or White Fox. This is extremely effective in keeping costs down because you don’t have to pay for a brick-and-mortar store but being able to have the presence of a brick-and-mortar store is important and shows the strength of your business being able to perform in both fields. For some people having an online-only presence is important, as it creates a feeling of exclusivity and almost makes the buyer want to purchase more from you more often.

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Selling the Brand

Constant Increases in the Job Market

By social media and Fashion teaming up we have seen a constant increase in the job market where most companies have now created positions for people such as Social Media Coordinators, Content Creators, Social Media Managers, and Social Media Specialists to name a few of them. By social media teaming up with fashion, we have seen all these jobs appear in all different companies like Louis Vuitton, Amazon, Target, and SHIEN. The biggest job to have in this market would be to be a Fashion Influencer, this is where you would have hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers. Some celebrities are able to make millions of dollars off just a post on Instagram with a sponsored brand. For example, if Kim Kardashian was approached by Lululemon and Lululemon offered her Twenty Million dollars to be the next campaign for them, they would be in a paid collaboration. Basically, Kim gets paid twenty million dollars to wear the clothing and model it for the brand (all of that was hypothetical), the power of social media and fashion collaborating along with one another. Fashion is a huge component in the job market, not just through social media but brick and mortar stores as well, without fashion collaborating with social media we would not have all of the brand collaborations that we have today as well as marketing and advertising as we see it today.

Constant Growth

When you combine all of these different components, you can see how fashion and social media collaborate in harmony. If you want your brand to be successful you need to have a proper presence on social media, that will create that long-term following that you are able to monetize off.